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WNSO Get To geather party in Nepal

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Hello WNSO Members


What about the WNSO get togeather on the following day.


11 oct. 2006 (25 asoj 2063), Time 6PM - 9PM


Do everybody agree with this? we need to fix the date as early as posible.


I Have visited few places today to ask for the party and rate. below are the detail of the places.


1. HOTEL ASHOKA, Baghbazzar Rate: Rs. 400 Per Person including one round of soft drink.


The menu



Chicken Chilly

Veg Pakoda

French Fries

Bandam Sandeko




Mutton curry

Chicken Fry

Mix Vegetable

Green Salad


Dal Makhani



2. Royal Saino Restaurant, Durbarmarg RATE: NRS. 500 Per Person with free flow of soft drinks.



Chicken Chilli Momo

Bhatmas, peanuts sandeko

Mix Veg Pakoda

Motton B B Q

French Fries



Chicken Noodles

Veg Fried RIce

Veg. Machurian

Pak Chow (vegetable)

Chicken with garlic sauce

Ginger Fish

Green salad

Fresh Fruit salad with Curd (desert)

Coffee/ tea


Other drinks and food items consumed other than that will be charged extra. We can bring our own whiskey or any liquers from outside if we want. But as WNSO is pure educational NGO, i suggest NO alcohol in the PARTY.

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Hotel Ashoka is in Baghbazzar. near PK canpus

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Thanks Joy jee for information.


Are you thinking of having a few hours of introduction and discussion program before the dinner starts? To me, costs in both restaurants sound reasonable, but I don`t know whether or not other members are comfortable with it.

Since I have not been to Kathmandu for more than 3 years, I am not much versed about traffic and security in the metropolitan. Getting back home (Narayansthan, Budhanilkantha) would be my concern. I do not have private car, and traffic would be lowest in the night time, I guess.


Any idea for transportation? I am sorry if my worry is funny.




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