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The Butterfly

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A butterfly rested on upon a flower

Gay was he and light as a flake

And there he met a caterpillar

Sobbing as though his heart would break

It hurt the happy butterfly

Too see a caterpillar cry


Said he, Whatever is the matter?

And may I help you in any way?

I've lost my brother, 'wept the other

He has been unwell for many a day

Now I discover, sad to tell

He's only a dead and empty shell


Unhappy grub, be done with weeping

Your sickly brother is not dead

His body's stronger and no longer

Crawls like a worm, but flies instead

He dances through the sunny hours

And drinks sweet nectar from the flowers


Away, away deceitful villain

Go to the winds where you belong

I won't be grieving at your leaving

So take away your lying tongue

Am I a foolish slug or snail

To swallow such a fairy tale?


I'll prove my words, you unbeliever

Now listen well, and look at me

I am none other than your brother

Alive and well and fancy free

Soon you'll be with me in the skies

Among the flirting butterflies.


Ah! cried the mournful caterpillar

Tis' clear I must be seeing things

You're only a spectre sipping nectar

Flicking your ornamental wings

And talking nonsense by the yard

I will not hear another word.


The butterfly gave up the struggle

I have, he said, no more to say

He spread his splendid wings and ascended

Into the air and flew away

And while he fluttered far and wide

The caterpillar sat and cried.


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***** caterpillar........one day when he turns to butterfly, he knows the truth how he changes from swimmer to pilot.(BTW, they start life from beneath the deep water as NAtional Geographi channel)


and poem is very nice maun ji.......hope to see more.

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maun ji ...someone rightly said i m not afraid of diving into ocean coz it's the ocean of immortality..so r u slipping into divinity.

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