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Maya Mare Hunchha

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Yo janma ma saath dina nasakne le

saat janma sath dine kasam khane le

badhya ta le tadhinu paryo bhanne le


mero bhawana ma kuchne kosis nagarnu

jarjariye ko yo chhati phutna sakchha

dagiyeka chaap haru metina sakchha

bho kewal

taadhai basi ramayer base hunchha

naya jeevan suru garnele

haat ma chuda siudo ma sindur laune le

kasai ko angaalo ma rame hunchha

saat janma sangai bitaune kasam khanele

tadhai bhai maya mare hunchha

maya mare hunchha

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saath janma saath dinchhu bhaneko thiye

tar saath din maile sakin re??

maya maile garchhu bhanthe re tara maya maile timilai din sakin re

tesaile jaadai chhu par timro tya sunder jeevan dekhi par

aaune chhaun kahile pani ma timro najik timro mutu dukhaun


haat ma mero chhuraa haru chhan ani seudo ma mero sindur chhan

yo pani ek chhotti sodenau tya sindur kasko naam ko ho ?

ab maile timilai bhandin kehi pani ma ta timro laagi parai bhaye....

parai bhaye........


maya chha mutu bhari dekhaun po maile sakin

chahana chhan yetti ki pokhna po maile sakin

tehi bhayer aaj maile timro naam ko sindoor

aafno siudo ma lagayer hideko chhu priye malai parai na sochnu kahile...

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