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About A level!

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Distant bro!!

that's ok! By the way, i'm a lady! not a bro.

Ok DD nice to know!

IT was so nice of u to hav written all those thing thanks!

Thank you again! for taking all pain ...for the above queries

Edited by quadgeek

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Distant bro!!

that's ok! By the way, i'm a lady! not a bro.

well Nice to know YA DM DD,

you were kind enough to give me such a good advice, and thsnk you for taking so much time pain and energy to wirte those good stuffs. Thank you for sugaring the pills.

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GUESS WHAT! :rolleyes:

Quadgeek has done this time! Yup! got a passing grades this time!

Hallelajuihaaaa! hola hola!

Thank You distant Memo..

Thank You BS...

Thank You Scotty broda...!!

Thank You All the Good people of WINSO...

How com i forget the ADMIN broda...Thank You Admin!

Well banging all my heads over the net i hav come to know few good thing ... things hav changed since i started this thread...well now I know why i am here and don know how many years to be on space from this point forward...ha ha

well thanking all the winso brothers and sisters...and friends i am part of it....i can't deny...that...

You guys owe me ....

Thanking Quadgeek....

Lots of LOVE

Edited by quadgeek

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Where can I study GCE in Nepal?


A number of English Schools and Colleges prepare students for O and A levels. It would be best to prepare through these institutions. Each school and college varies in the number and type of subjects they offer and duration of the O and A level courses.

All these schools and colleges mentioned below are attached with British Council – NP004


GCE Schools and Colleges in Nepal


Contact Person, Address &Centre No


Mrs Shiva Thapa

Kathmandu Academy



Tel No: 4415789

E-mail: ka@infoclub.com.np NP707


Mr Krishna Bikram

Thapa Malpi Institute

Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Tel No: 4425201/4418206

E-mail: mi@mos.com.np

Centre NO : NP708


Mr Deepak Subedi

Xavier International College


Tel No: 4444257, 4411298

E-mail: info@xavier.edu.np

Centre NO NP711


Mr B G Bhattacharya

Thames Business School



Tel No: 4473219, 4472672

E-mail: everestedu@wlink.com.np

Centre NO NP713


Mrs. Babita Labh Kayastha

Kathmandu Valley School



Tel No: 4372858, 4371508

E-mail: campionkvs@htp.com.np

Centre NO NP714


Mr Lok Raj Giri

Saipal Academy

Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 2003504

E-mail: info@saipal.com

Centre NO NP715


Mr Sabin Prakash Chhetri

Lumbini International College

Lagankhel, Mahalaxmisthan


Tel No: 5527054, 5531846



Centre NO NP716


Mr L P Sharma

Orient College of Science and Management

Narayan Gopal Chowk


Tel No: 4720158


Centre NO NP717



Mr Rajesh Acharya

King’s College



Tel No: 4471162

E-mail: info@kingscollege.edu.np

Centre NO NP718


Mr. Nabin Shrestha

A. J. Wild Institute



Tel No: 4418238

E-mail: ajw@ajw.com.np

Centre NO NP719



Mr Bisheswor Acharya

Novel Academy

Naya Bazar – Pokhara

Tel No: 061-535629/522102



Centre NO NP720



Mr Tej Gurung

Cosmos Intl College

Palikhe Chowk – Pokhara

Tel: 061 – 541324

Email: info@cosmos.edu.np

Centre NO NP721



Mrs Rajlakshmi Golchha

Kritika Education HealthFoundation

Sam Marga, Tinpani, Biratnagar

Tel: 021 – 532960, 525313

Email: rlg@golchha.com

Centre NO NP722


Mr Kamal Nepal

Campion School

Lagankhel, Lalitpur

Tel: 5535087, 5554784

Email: cschool@wlink.com.np

Centre NO NP723



Mr Sudhir Kumar Jha

Chelsea International Academy

Lakhe chaur Marg

PO Box 2251, New Baneshwor

Tel: 4472902

Email: Chelsea@websurfer.com.np

Centre NO NP727



Ms. Sunita Gurung

Microbit International College

Rastra Bank Marg

Srijana Chowk – 8 , Pokhara

Tel: 061 531288

Email: anmolgrg@ntc.net.np

Centre NO NP728



Mr Keshab Prasad Acharya

Little Step International Academy

Simalchaur – 8

P. O. Box 246 Pokhara

Tel: 061 525261

Email: lsbs@mos.com.np

Centre NO NP729



Independent schools list


There are 4 independent schools with their own Centre for GCE exams:

Contact person, Address & Centre No


Ms Sandj Wilderspin

The British School



Tel No: 5521794

E-mail: tbs@tbs.edu.np

Centre NO NP005



Mr Bishwa Nath Prajapati

Budhanilkantha School



Tel No: 4371637, 4371670



E-mail: bnks_pr@ntc.net.np

Centre NO NP739



Ms Judith Ellis

Kathmandu International Study Centre

Bijuli Bazaar

New Baneshwore


Tel No: 4780604

E-mail: admin@kisc.edu.np

Centre NO NP702


Mrs Shanta Dixit/Milan Dixit

Rato Bangala School

PO Box 42

Patan Dhoka


Tel No: 5534318

E-mail: rbs@mos.com.np

Centre NO NP704

Edited by Yadav Prasad Bhattarai

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in 2008 is there any institude or school or college for o level plz i want the school man...............&


Well man, why do u need the school for? I mean for studying or teaching er for GK .......(there are hell lot of things you can do in college....) wud u mind tellling so that we KJ can really jock our keyboard

Edited by quadgeek

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