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Nepali Film Festival in London

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First Ever Nepali Film Festival in the UK


Copy the following link for Nepali Times Report:



After the British film festival in Nepal organised by the British Council there is now a Nepali film festival in Britain organised by the group, London Chhalphal.


The ‘Kindom in Motion’ film festival 13-14 January 2006 will raise understanding about Nepal’s conflict and the situation facing Bhutani refugees here, according to the organisers. They hope the knowledge will result in greater international pressure on parties involved to work towards lasting peace. ‘Kingdom in Motion’ will also raise donations for internally displaced people in Nepal. The featured films include:




This is a tragic story of a young working class Kathmandu family and the influence of culture, religion, desire and shamanistic ritual on their lives.


Schools in the Crossfire

The Maoists have increasingly targetted schools. Pupils and teachers find themselves caught between the government, which accuses them of being Maoist sympathisers and the insurgents, who accuse them of spying for the state.




Set in eastern Nepal, the film depicts the life of Numafung and her experience with Limbu rituals, death, family life, marriage and happiness.


Spirit Does Not Come Anymore

This film explores the Tibetan belief in invoking sprits to cure family ills and disease. It narrates the conflict between a father and his son who wants to break away from family traditions.



On the Road with the Red God

This month-long celebration of colour, sacrifice and devotional worship is held every 12 years and was filmed in 2003.


Kumari, the Living Goddess of Nepal

A documentary on the stories of three former Kumaris, including their ‘lost childhoods’ and lives after they are retired.


Kingdom in Motion

13-14 January, 2006

International Student House

Great Portland Street

Regents Park, London

W1W 5PN - 020 7631 8300




Copy this link for the map of the venue:





Tel: 07984757302 for information regarding London Chhalphal.

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yeah, I am too waiting for the progress report(information) and Would be nice if some one posts the PICS.


Will they select the best one from those? If so, what is the way of selection, if online voting is one, is there any link, i wann vote of Numafung.

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