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SCorpio......(new in WNSO)

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Name: sUlAv


Gender: MaLe


Status: oPeN ReLaTiOnShIp


occupation: StUdEnT


Country : NePaL


Interests: [P]lAyInG GuItAr, LiStErNiNG MuZic,mAkInG FrEnDs....~~~

About Me Da hardesT th|n to d0... weLL i duN reaL| hab to do |t cuz PPL jus descr|be m| |n the|r

owN wayZ ...weLL hEre's a sh0rt sumMary abt meH!!!~~erm ermm ermm ....a 'guy' We||

bASicAlLy MaIn InTeReSt iS MoRe oN SpORtS tHaT R In oUtDoOrS.nOtHinG BeaTs bEInG uNdEr

ThE SuN, cLoSE tO ThE SeA aNd tHe nAtUrE. QuIte aDvEnTeROuS N AlWaYskEeN To tRy nEw

tHiNgS. qUiTe wIlD TOo n TeNdS To bE mIchEviOuS N PlaYfUl. lOvEs mAkInG NeW FrEnDs CoS

OnE cAn hAvE CoUnTLeSs NuMbEr oF FrEnDs HaHahA... I LoVe aLl mY FrEnDs,WiDoUt ThEm ThErE

WiLl bE No......SoRt Of A VeRy SoCiAbLE GuY, gEtS WeLl wId aLmOsT EvEr1 i kNoW...~~know...

ThOuGh I MiGhT'nT lOoK fReNdLy At ThE FiRsT LoOk, bUt hEy iF U WaNt tO GiVe mE a mIsS TaT'S



Home town: BHaIRaHaWa


Favorite Music: RoCk,HeAvYmeTaL,SoMe kIndA hIp hOp uMmMMMMmm...aNd mAnY MoRe...yEAAAAAAA


Favorite Quote: RoCk NeVeR DIeS ................ CoZ 'm sTiLl aLiVe- ~~['m] mAdE fOr mUzIc.~~!@

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