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Are you satisfied ?

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WNSO, as the name says, is an organisation (non profit) and willing to serve in volunteer basis. All the members here are volunteers. However, Being non profit organisation WNSO also have got support from international endeveurs to support the Nepali students.


Let us remind you, WNSO is the only legitimate organistaion to support students from various backgrounds in various countries. We recognise any volunteer who are willing to support other students. We do not recognise any individual who come here only for fun purpose. To be more specific, this is students-aid web based forum of WNSO orgainsation that have legally registered in United Kingdom and Nepal.


We now want to expand this worldwide, although we already have sister organisation in many countries. But the question is , are we all nepalese aware of this ?


Are we satisfied with this ? Do we want changes, if we want, what changes do we want ? How could we make this organisation better ?


How could we reach the heart of each nepali student worldwide. Please give your opinion.


Help us to help you. Thank you.

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Well guys,

Can we have a brief sharing of our experiences with WNSO and further prospects of the very organisation?

Now, we are moving on a good pace, WNSO is trying to register in other countries also!

WNSO Nepal and WNSO UK are doing great!


Together we can , please fix an arrangement for online/offline meeting!

dip esh

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