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Teaching Assistant PhD scholarship in Singapore

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Teaching Assistant PhD scholarship in Environmental Microbiology/Environmental Engineering available




We are seeking an international student to undertake a PhD at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore on physiological diversity of microbial communities used in environmental engineering. Aim of this research is to develop the methods to monitor different physiological states of cells in microbial communities using flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy. The successful candidate will be awarded with Teaching Assistant postgraduate scholarship, which can be started from July 2006 if application will be submitted before March 2006.


The candidate for Teaching Assistant has to satisfy the higher degree admission criteria as he/she will have to register as a PhD candidate. Below are the guidelines for a full-time Teaching Assistant: 1) candidate will be assigned 20 hours of work per week; 2) candidate will be paid $2,000 (appr.USD1,200) /month plus graduate fees.




The details of admission, application procedure and application form are given in homepage: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/GradStudies/Coursework+Programmes/.


Major points in admission criteria are high grades in related subjects.


Minimum requirements for international candidate: TOEFL 575, Quantitative Verbal GRE 1250, and Analytical GRE 3.5.


Enquires and applications should be forwarded to:


Dr. Volodymyr Ivanov


School of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Nanyang Technological University


50 Nanyang Ave., Singapore 639798


E-mail: cvivanov@ntu.edu.sg

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