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what is Distribution Server

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What is Distribution Server? if someone can help me please.


It is not ISO standerised server like catalogue server or the mail server. Distribution server is generally modified normal server operating system to use for particular purpose. Foe example your company may need one dedicated server for mp3 songs to deliver in web, or say you have lots of faxes to sends, lot of telephone to be made than normal NOS like Windows 2003 or Suse can be modified (system default modification) to name it as DISTRIBUTION SERVERS.

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Simply, distributing one server into various computer is called Distribution Server. I think u heard about Clustering...


Suppose we need 3 different server for Char, Log, and MAP.


Case 1 : running into One computer


* In this case, IP is same for all, but, PORT is different.


Case 2 : running into Two computers

* in this case, set Log and Char servers in one computer which need low resource and MAP in Other one.


Case 3: running into Three different computers

* simple as make one computer for one purpose.


These all are a kind of distributiong server. And, P2P concept is a kind of distribution server too.

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