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Update on International Scholarships: 08.11.2005

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From ScholarshipNet Newsletter: 14.11.2005




1. UK: International Student Scholarships, School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham

URL Link:




1. French: Eiffel Postgraduate Scholarships

2. French: Master’s Program International Scholarships, ENS Lyon

3. French: The Eiffel Doctorate Scholarship Programme

4. UK: PhD Opportunity in Vibro-Acoustics in the Dynamics Group

5. UK: PhD Positions in Physical/Life Science Interface

6. UK: PhD Studentship in Signal Processing and Embedded Programming

7. UK: PhD Studentship in The Molecular Mechanisms of Action of General Anaesthetics

8. Germany: Ph.D in Mathematics in Industrial & Commerce Program, Kaiserslautern Graduate School

9. USA: Fellowships for Postgraduate and Postdoctoral in Tropical Biology

10. UK: PhD Studentship Pulmonary Research Group, Welsh School of Pharmacy

URL Link:




1. Ireland: IIIS Visiting Fellowship Programme (Long-term) 2006-2007

2. Germany: Research Fellows in Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW)

3. Belgium: CORE Fellowships in Microeconomics, Operations Research and Econometrics

4. USA: Postdoctoral Earth and Planetary Sciences Fellowship

5. USA: Visiting Scientist Program in in The Areas of Atomic and Molecular Physics

6. USA: Fellowships in Museum Practice

7. USA: Conservation Science Fellowships

8. USA: Smithsonian Institution Libraries Resident Scholar Programs

9. USA: CTFS Research Grants Program

10. USA: Smithsonian Marine Science Network Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

11. USA: The Enid A. Haupt Fellowship in Horticulture

12. Canada: Visiting Faculty Fellowships, University of Toronto

13. Canada: Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Alberta

14. USA: Fellowships for Postgraduate and Postdoctoral in Tropical Biology

15. Germany: Post-doc Position in Mathematics at Potsdam University

16. Austria: Post-Doc for the European Centre for Time-Frequency Analysis, University of Vienna

URL Link:




1. Europe: HEIRS Essay Prize 2006

2. WorldWide: CIDA-CFHSS 2006 Graduate Student Competition

URL Link:




Free Online Course from Barkeley

URL Link:




Memorizing Tips

URL Link:




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