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What do u do during ur spare time...?

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What do u do during ur spare time...?

Will u be keen enough 2 share out here..


As 4 me,

I don't know y but

I m just simply rotting here,

doing practically nothing at all

Except breathing...:ph34r:

I watch the world pass by me,

Lost in my own world of thoughts...

With no aim or goal... :(



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I do stay 24 hours a day 7 days a week infront of computer.


I work 9 hours for EIT


5 hous for my own little internet project


5 hours foor mu university research


2 hours for eating , cooking and cleaning


1 four for wnso.org


1 hour for bignepal.com


1 hour for damn phone arrrggghh !!




I have to get married fast arrrggghh !!!!! :ph34r: life is hell outta here.

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ooh la la !!


Pratiba wants to get married ... errrrrrrr hahaha... you want to marry to take stress out ? oooohh


millionaire is getting married oooh la la :)





what about money ...oooohh lol , :)...


mathgirl get married with Nepali atleast money will goto Nepal.


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Hi MohanTara,


Sometimes, everybody feels the state of being alone in solitary isolation. Perhaps, due to lack of contact, emotionally, with people, acquaintances, friends, or loved ones. Spare time should not be compared with solitude. Somesaid, loneliness is a disposition toward being solitude.


To stop feeling lonely, we first may accept that we are feeling lonely. We then have to express those feelings of loneliness in some way. We might find ourselves writing in a diary, writing an imaginary letter to a friend or relative, or doing anything else that lets us begin to express the feelings we have inside us—including talking with other people! "Expressing our feelings might lead us to discover that we feel a number of things which might be connected to our feelings of loneliness, including sadness, anger, and frustration".


Involving in some sort of activity or community can accomplish several things. It can take our minds off of feeling lonely as we get involved in the enjoyable activity. It can actually change our mood directly the other way round.


Everyone pass through so, I could only accept it , then let it go.

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Hi angy first of all... belated birthday to you, I am wishing you happy belated birthday on my side and my Negative (Limitation//moon) side... I am sorry but you have not replied my mail....may I be not excused for my unexpected ? thus unfortunate illness?




Solitude is an isolation.....or sometimes an isolated place frm society !! I am living so long and so far from my love and if solitude plays all role, I can be stucked and die. Hope, is the only solution. I have a blindfold solitude of an isolation due to emptiness, however I am living in desirable dreams.


A distinction of spare-time can be made between physical and mental seclusion. MohanTara, you may seek physical seclusion to remove distractions and make it easier to concentrate, reflect, or meditate. However, it's not the end of the world or ending story in itself.....and once a certain capacity to resist distractions is achieved, people become less sensitive to distractions...I have had that many times. Some people can maintain very high concentration levels almost regardless of external circumstances. Such people, don't seek any interaction with the external physical world. Their mindfulness is their world.


I, yet...being Christian hindu have faith in buddhism, to establish peace, so such feelings comes and go, do keep your original solitude and share your feelings to let the bad part die


then become completely new women.


luck to you

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So, a big surprise in town, monica arrived, and a heaven will fall, thank you monica. feeling like I am in 24 , just a year behind you. Thank you, thank you all the complement, I am 23 laaaaaddddy. ops ! I am getting OlDeR !! :)


Thank you fot the mail. I am not like mathgrl millionaire, but the same old village girl, living in cambridge village. Water supply stll have some scarcity. I do feel complete when you are here, without what ! I wouldn't be here.


Manchild Friend,


I cannot thank you more. You are eloquent. somebody with the best heart, Thanks again. I am impressed with your opinion.




Work less, life is killing you, money is not the all-shore. hey, you in drugs ?


drive carefully.

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hiddén angél n monica sis,

ur words r truly invaluable.

Appreciate everything u have written :)

Lurve ya, galz *Mucha* :lol:


manchilds friend

Thankz 4 ur encouragement :), pal.


Frankly i m going through sth..

Call it a bliss.. :)

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