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who all r nepali studnets

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this is just an xcuse buddy,

if a poor nerpali can make fake indian passport in order to go to do some c grade work in abroad,can't we make a new indian nationality.it's a illegal but it's worth if u get into good instituion.BTW IIM r now offering few seats for non indians too.

$13000 is nothing,jst tyurn to my previous post,there was many nepali students who pay more than 20 lakhs n get admission in c garde institution.


fake indian passport..........sorry man no way out for that........n u r saying yourself its illegal.........n those paying 20lakhs ppl they just want to be fake

degree holders from western universities with no qualification at all.........



NIT raulkerla geek,nice i had meet so many students from ur institutuion when i was in alhabad for SSb(indian army).

u were ther in army.........then why such a big educational conversation........haha.....r u doin PG course ther...........


then why u come here to raulkerla,u beter nuture ur talent in some other normal engg college in nepal.even u know the answer urself.

simple truth is that i dont hav to pay



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i can read that smartness in U..

do u know the difference in silver and gold.


I can feel that glittering golden mind ...

Smart ppl like U should know how to abuse words by saying sorry and thanks.. not by being pigheaded...


Gutnight to your sleeping mind... I need my brain to have rest...

reading all this things..



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