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Why is the incidence of cataract so high in Nepal?

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I appreciate your concern that there are other more important diseases which cause mortility, not only just morbidity and all these could be prevented by just changing the eating habbits, personal hygiene, basic education or preventive/primary care. Saying all that, I don't think causes which are considered relatively low-risk can be ignored because even at a OR of 1:23, there is a 4.35% risk. For someone i.e. 1 in every 23 women, it will still be a problem.



Dear Santos,


OR is 1.23, not 1:23. That is not 1 in 23 women. OR of 1.23 explains that cases were 1.23 time more likely than the controls to have exposed to fuel smoke. 1 is the reference number. So the risk here is only 0.23 time higher.


Sure, I agree with you that biomass fuel smoke can cause cataract. But, what I want to stress is that there are many other diseases (that come in first numbers ) caused due to exposure to biomass fuel smoke. I did a similar national level study in Nepal (funded by WHO) last year and we found very less OR for cataract compared to acute and chronic respiratory tract infections among the housewives.


There are many other important causes of cataract in Nepal, one of the leading causes of blindness in our country.


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nice discussion abt diet and other heath-related problems in nepal. well, what abt the CATERACT? though this post is quite old now, but it is still the number one cause of treatable cause of blindness in nepal. Vision 2020 is a wonderful project initiated by WHO and being implemented to counter its prevalence.


i do agree with Dr Sunil abt its OR being low and the relation with bio-mass fuel is min, but considering the high prevalence of cataract in nepal (also in other countries, even in developed nations!!), we have to act for it. the simplest yet an effective way is to spread the message that it is treatable and a person can see clearly after the simple single-day surgerical procedure.


Phecoemulsification is an excellent technique being used widely all over to minimise the complications of cataract surgey while being equally effective.


u can learn abt vision2020 at www.v2020.org






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