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Tuition fee at german universities

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jetzt ist es ausser Thema und ich habe mail gegen Deutschland finde.Diese Diskussion ist nicht Interessant zum Teilnehmen.Bitte WNSO Germany mitglieder ,nehmen SIe heir teil und machen Sie mehr Effektv und Interessant,

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IP, i suggest you take a history course while you are in school. Just because British conquered part of Eastern United States, it does not mean Americans were slaves.

It is like saying ( since one time Germany took over part of France), French were slaves of Germans. Term "slavery" refers to actual purchasing of human being, and engaging him/her to menial tasks.

Also, somebody's comment on why Bill Clinton sent his daughter to Oxford. If you are into Politics, it does make sense if you attend school in different countries. You will learn International law, rules/regulations in different countries etc etc.

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Hi frens I would like you tp please go through this site ,please go thorogly but



Please please drop few words hai


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Well guys, the purpose why I started this topic was to inform students about tuition fee in Germany. But unfortunately this thread has taken wrong way. I am asking myself how some students who go to university can talk about such things. Amazingly these students are only girls and from UK. Is this an Influence of British mentality or what? I find it totally absurd, that u being a student of a university have no respect for other universities than yours. With u I mean here mathgirl1010 and IP. Being a Nepalese it hurts me when I see that my countrymen even students like u, who are studying in the UK in worlds prestigious universities, have such a narrow thinking. Ask yourself how can one be so rude to others language, culture or tradition. Did u learn these in UKs Oxbridge??- I don’t think so. They are great universities.

So what are u proud of? People like u make only bad image of Nepal. Do not forget that You are only a student there, u don’t hold EU nationality. Have u ever think about that what a German or Briton would say to ur post, they would say more or less “u dickhead, who the fuk u are to interfere matter between Germany and UK, u typical poor country people..”


A great stupidity: how ppl can spontaneously change their views without thinking once? All of the dead bodies which I dissected had a brain, I would wonder if u have it too, mathgirl1010.

Please compare below the posts of mathgirl1010, and see how they are diverted.


1) Comparatively, German universities are free of charge. That can be taken as bonus.


2) Education, does not have degradation, regardless of the country. Whether it is Nepal, UK or Europe. It does completely depend on the personal interest.


3) For the cost factor, till some extent it does matter regardless of the personal opinion. IS IT WORTH IT? This shouldn't be a question, the rising cost of college and debt we face after our graduation is causing us ask it. I will have to say they are luky to have free education. As I am surviving fron student loan. Debt for college students is climbing. For the nearly two thirds of college students who graduate with student loan debt, the average burden is in excess of £12,000.


4) It could be my own experience and I would suggest to go for Free education if they are available, It is not easy to afford the cost of tution-fees in english-speaking countries


5) I would more appreceate to have a debate living in my own standerds. I don't want to be proud in other universities, whereas even paying £ 8,000 a year tution fees,

6) Country is not important to have education. We know how hard is it for us to pay in the regular universities

7) German is definately a choice, Language is only bar.


Now here is point of divertion:

a)Myself, I would never chosen Germany University even if the education is free. I can't bother to read every words in German Language. It is time consuming to learn german language for us Nepalese. I would suggest nepaese to go India and have cheaper option and learn in English medium rather than studying at German Universities. (compare with 1, 3 and 4 above: This way u are not only acting like narad but also misleading other students)


cool.gifGermans sucks. German university are worthless to me.(compare with 1,2,3,4,6and 7: with Germans sucks, u are showing ur inclination towards racism; once u say go for it then u say worthless, u are again misleading students and making them fool)


c) I hate Germans and their unorganised language.( now u are a racist)


d>Indians should be more proud than German because they follow the course of Cambridge University. (compare with 2: again misleading)

Edited by Rajiv

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Apology to Rajiv who started this thread to provide information about German education system to help all interested members.


To all:


Please respect others when posting and making comment. We are here to help each others and share experience. This thread will be closely watched and anyone who offends will be banned.


We can continue to populate this thread with more information.


Anyone who think they have lost their post under this thread, you may find your post here http://chautari.wnso.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=8498


Remember, no offence, respect others, only logical dicussion please.


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Admin biradar, you did here good to achieve some good users. Rajiv biradar, MatrixRose sistar and santosh biradar's views seems some sensative and fruitfull. Rest other all are Bhadra ko jharima MAKAI bhutya jasto. Ke ho ke ho.....Jhar badali myaau. laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif


One thing to learn.....Why this Lalupate or you are putting casaul views which are not useful for students. At least in this section, please, jott down your good views. Member matrai nabhayera GUEST lai pani kaam lagne kura garau, kaso?


Jay Nepal.

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