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How to really hack HOTMAIL

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What a funny stuff!! :P Hacking....Hacking hotmail or some another else. You guys are running in 90's, that's you already proved here.

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Attention!!!!!! Attention!!!!!! Attention!!!!!!!



Guys! plz be aware... the following method is what we called as Social Engineering. it doesn't give any passwords to you but it will take ur own password.... Believe me... this is just a trick to get ur password by someone who had created system_server_password@hotmail.com as email address... Microsoft Corp. is not a fool to make these smaller and minor mistakes... so guy plz be aware from such methods.... Coz i also was one time victim of such method.....



I found this somewhere. I have not yet tried this and neither do I plan to try it. I don't have much knowledge in such fields. If any of you are interested then you can go ahead with your own risk. remember, this may be illegal and you are resposible for your own action.


Hotmail Hacking Update May,2005


Although many hacking methods have been published, since Microsoft recently took over Hotmail many vulnerabilities have been corrected. However a recent loophole has been discovered, exposing hotmails automated password retrieval server, acquiring a password has been possible relatively easily. The following method has not been addressed yet and poses a serious security threat to hotmail account privacy:




The hacker uses an online Email account such as those offered by Hotmail and Yahoo to send an e-mail in the adress:: system_server_password@hotmail.com



In the subject field the exact phrase entered must be forgot_passw_141v2



Finally the following is added to the body of the Email:










The automated service is tricked into sending the victims password to the Email address entered.




The bots cookie based security check is circumvented and hence obviously flawed. This script based method makes it possible for relatively inexperienced hackers to retrieve passwords of hotmail accounts and is thus a security issue that must be addressed immediatly by hotmail. However, to date no action has been taken due to the relatively unkown nature of the method and script.




Please note that this information is provided for educational purposes only


the usage of such information is illegal


We do not advocate unauthorized use or theft of any services


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