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Gratitude and compliments from WNSO!


World Nepalese Student Organisation (WNSO) is a well-esteemed and prominent platform for prospective students.


WNSO has been emerged by a crowd of enthusiastic students. The first and foremost motto of this organisation is to provide accurate and elaborative information for the students having eagerness to study abroad.


A countless of students have been facing obstacles of multifarious nature due to lack of correct information. Finding no other alternative they are compelled to consult with the mediator/broker.

In the most of the cases they fall easy prey to the cunning mediator/broker by spending huge amount of money. Actually lack of proper and time worthy information pushes them to be the worst victim of the circumstances.


On the meticulous observation of the bottom of problems some pioneers have taken an immediate and vigorous step to launch this site where the vulnerable students would be able to have proper assistance in stepping their feet on overseas studies.

This enthusiastic project gave birth of WNSO. Now WNSO is emerging as a gigantic organisation of which an umbrella has been set for the students of all over the world irrespective of their belief, religion, sex or ethnic origin.


It does not have any affiliation with any kind of corporate house, political and government organisation. And as such we welcome you to visit/browse http://www.wnso.org and http://www.chautari.wnso.org and send it to the persons of your acquaintance.


With warm regards and compliments, we remain.



WNSO Admin Team





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