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hiddén angél

Information For Nepali student prior to UK arrival

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I hope this will help for the basic guideline for any nepali student wishing to study UK, This should be informative for anybody from any nation.


Basically, You have to apply for enrolment in any university or colleges. They have variation and some changes according to their own facility. I had applied about four university,luckily all of them had the placement and had to choose betwen them. So best place to find the UK colleges are.



ucas college list


British Council UK

UK Student life

UK Doctorates courses

BBC course search


After you choose the courses, You will apply to colleges via internet.Look for any college/universities if they have special type of consideration and most of them have scholarship facilities.Generally You will apply and if the college/uni satisfy they will send you confirmation letter that you are eligable.If scholarship is not available.Some colleges have to be paid in full and some has to be paid 50% if you are self financing student.


If you are married and you have spouse,Your spouse may only come with you as a dependant if you can show the councellor that :


(a) you are married (unmarried partners will not be allowed to accompany you as dependants),

(B ) you intend to live together,

you can support yourselves financially without recourse to public funds

(d) that your spouse will only work if s/he is permitted (see below),

(e) that s/he intends to leave at the end of the permitted stay.


You can also obtain some ifromation from this site


Once you applied visa and obtain, survival guides for UK can be founds at the followings:


survival guide 1

Rail and Train enquiry

BUS Enquiry

Journey planner

For those who want to drive themself

official guide


Furthermore, I hope this is less but can be useful for some students who is novice about the procedure. If anyone wants more information,I will assist as far as I may be able to. Thanks for your time. (Hopefully,some may benifit from this)



Disclaimer: The above-mentioned procedures would entirely take some time to have more information, although in certain cases, the more you surf the web, more information you may find. but most of them, effetive effective to date. And to the best of my knowledge, I have taken them from my libraries and search engines.




CUL online

local library

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Thank You hidd'n angel for comming out with great THREAD!

Well i hopefully finish my A level in Oct/Nov this session, I am lurking some articles on these stuffs, When am i suppose to act for I heard fellas sayin' early admissnion..., fall and so so... what r the thing that i need to know b4 applying?

I hav set my mind for liberal Art college, well i knw lill about them,wht i know is it's where u hav hell lot of faculties, u can go any where? well i don;t mean it other way? I selected it coz i still dun know wht am i for is it physics er Bio er Chemistry, er Computer sounds great.....Literature... er something like Arts?I really can't decide yet?

YAH! I might guess wht is going on yooall mind "JACK of ALL and MASTER OF none!"

What am i curious is, i already loose some 2 years and will it matters for enrolling to ABORD? Wht will let the University send me and invitation besides good grade and wht exactly is good grade...?

Hope this all make senses!

looking forward the replies.....hopefully not flames!

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