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International Women's Day

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8 March 2005 is International Women's Day


Hi all,


International Women's Day (IWD) is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.


Happy International Women's day! Let's celebrate it and support to women for their kind and excellency.


Thank you.



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Goto my thread and vote the WNSO Queen, This was the special reason I bought this topic smile.gif


VG let them go ani post where they wants ,i think no one should force to others .

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Women are great, they are real world. Happy women's day to all.

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Woh i didn't know it was International Women's Day...

Anyway i would like 2 take this special day 2 dedicate a poem 2 my Mom..smile.gif

Whom I love and cherish more than anything.

I LOVE YOU MOMMY....!! laugh.gif



God took a moonbeam from the night

and in her eyes He put light


Of love and understanding there

and made the rainbow touch her hair


To give her that special glow

and wisdom only she could know


He thought for just a little while

then took a sunshine for her smile


He planted a flower of love in her heart....

where it could bloom there for a start.


Soft rain came and the flower grew

and He wished her will with the wind that blew


And blessed her as He did no other

When He made her and He named her....




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