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Universal Simlock Remover (USR)

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Universal Simlock Remover (USR) says;


"Especially for You we have created new software. It is the set of programs to almost all models of mobile phones. Open source of this software give us posibility to update it very often.


USR [universal Simlock Remover] contains only tested and working solutions. Each our customer can download this software from Software Pages Area. Each purchase at our shop is giving You ability to download upgrades of USR and other softwares... "


Might be helpful to you, please! have your look once here; http://simlock.techgsm.com/simlock/u/

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Hi Rainka

I think this software is only for unlok the simcard

but I am suffering from anothe problem.

My motorola phone set is locked and I am unable to free it.

Do u have any solution for this?

If u have please send it to me.



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what do you mean by your motorola set is locked and can't free it? did you mean it is locked by your service provider? if that be the case, you need to contact your service provider, and they can help you do it. I think to unlock it costs like $15.00-$20.00. If ya unluck you can pretty much use that phone anywhere (with any service providers) provided they run on GSM and the phone is compatible to the system.



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