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Broken Link in WNSO Germany

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Hey folks,


Here is broken link.....on page



when you click on "Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität",


the link to http://www.rz.uni-frankfurt.de/unihome/


gives the error: Not found.



They have moved......so here is the correct link



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I just checked and still you guys havent fixed.......hey sarkar haru garana yaar.....ma matrai kati garam. You dont work with heart yaar really makes me feel bad. : ( Dheko kam ta within a day gara.


Even in that directory make there rows.....Name Email Uni.......this doesnt look professional.....and as soon as i send you please add within a day.....or if not tell me yaar i wont care either like you : (....even if i dont have time...i take few mins to check reply all mails and send you stuffs which you guys need it but you leave me alone. I have been telling people that our technical staffs are in holiday. biggrin.gif I hate to lie...chi chi. Garni bhaye ramro sita gara hoina bhane...dont talk thulo thulo kura matrai. : ( I can give my life if i can work with organized people....but people who ignore even after telling it sorry...i really have problem to deal with it. Alo josh chalayera kam gare po ali ali motivate ni huncha!!!

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alikati dhilo chado ta hunchha ni, bholi garaula hai ta. :-)




Herna laz nabhako manche haru....me lai ta kaha terni hai ? biggrin.gif Anyways kam chai garechan ek hapta layera.... tara pani dherai dherai dhanyabad re kya ajha. : )


Aba yeso member list tira pani dhayan dini ho ki ? Feri dhanyabad bhanna authe ni ma. : )

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tyo member list haru yo weekendma check garchhu.  smile.gif



Good Good thx for doing that re kya ajha. : )


Besides make three columns hai....Name, Email and Unilink


I will send you more tomorrow...so that you can update all at once.


Oh check:


http://www.nepalirose.com/entertainment.html i have added songs from Dirty Dancing..and few old, good ,rares ones. ; )


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