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WWW (WEB) *Programming* Languages (Tutorial)

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I see ppl wondering abt How the hell do I start web programming? What is WEB programming? NEED I SAY MORE!! You gotta be SERIOUS …willing and you can learn almost anything…Oh well,anything, i mean ANYTHING…(YOU WANT) Don’t ask again what is web programming and basic programming (HELL OF A LOT DIFFERENCE)this tutorial should be little enuf to give you a guide.


Me seeking LINUXUSER…FOR DETALED EXPLANATION, If this be Less smile.gif He has mastered on OOP (object oriented programming)...


There IS A diff between OOP and Web Programming ...Just know this



Web Languages


These are totally used on web programming you rarely see this on offline one.

Some good to have a lok are PHP, JSP, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and CGI.


Web languages are mainly divided into 2 groups, client side and server side programming. Client side focus and itteract with client browser. The 'client' side of the internet. While others such as PHP, ASP, and CGI work on server side.



PHP - (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is an interpreted programming language that is usually used for (but not limited to) generating dynamic content on websites. However, it can be used for other tasks as well. It is powerful, and fairly easy to learn. The syntax is nice and clean as well. Its OOP support is also getting considerably better as it matures.Since WNSO is running on IPB it's using PHP as well


Where do I start?

Begin here






DO not confuse with Sun's Java, Java and JavaScript are NOT the same thing. JavaScript was not created by SUN as JAVA2. JavaScript is also not the same as Microsoft's JScript, so don't confuse the two. JS is great client side scripting language with an incredible amount of power in that area. making for great code reuse and user friendliness. JavaScript used with DHTML can really make a dynamic pages.


Javascript resources





VBScript - IS it programming languages? sadly yes tongue.gif M$ owned..... To keep things short, it's used in the same way that JavaScript is used, in client side programming. If you don wanna go for .NET. ...Forget this mad.giftongue.gif Go for javascript


VBscript resources




Perl/CGI - Meaning: Common Gateway Interface, and uses Perl's syntax. CGI is starting to become a bit dated simply because other languages are able to do much more complex things, only with less programming. CGI is good for making things like ImageMaps or Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). CGI is not out the door yet, but in my opinion, it will only remain because of "legacy sites".


CGI tuts



Markup Languages

There are not so many languages but...., there can be so many ways how you want to lay your data.... . If you're into web design learning some of these must be learned (NO WAY OUT) smile.gif



some resources


Learning HTML (all the way)

Learning DHTM everyway smile.gif

Learning CSS good choice

Learning XML ....Know that tomorrow ..i mean one day all the web pages will be using XLM (MUST)




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