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PhD-RESEARCHER Adolescent relationships

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PhD-RESEARCHER Adolescent relationships with best friend

(Utrecht), 36 hours per week

Utrecht University


Job description





Job description

Research Project: Adolescent relationships with best friend: processes of formation, maintenance and dissolution


Project Description

It has been documented that adolescent friends are similar in many respects: academic achievement (Altermatt & Pomeranz, 2003; Hamm, 2000), delinquency (Scholte, 1998; Simons, Wu, Conger & Lorenz, 1994; Vitaro, Tremblay, Kerr, Pagani & Bukowski, 1997), smoking and alcohol use (Engels, Knibbe, Drop & De Haan, 1997; Urberg, Degirmencioglu & Tolson, 1998) and pro-active aggression (Poulin & Boivin, 2000). Studies on friendship similarity have addressed two questions. 1. Friends can be similar on various dimensions: which dimensions are the most important similarity dimensions? 2. Are friends alike because they select or influence each other? In this project we will study both questions extensively. Additionally, we will raise two other issues: does the importance of friendship dimensions change as friendships last longer, and do core personality characteristics of adolescents predict continuation or discontinuation of friendships?


The study uses data of wave 1 of CONAMORE, and of waves 1 to 12 (spanning three years) of the ‘Dutch study of relationship linkages and delinquency in adolescence’. CONAMORE is an ongoing longitudinal multi-informant study of Utrecht University (first wave of data-collection was in september 2001), while the Dutch study will have its first wave of data-collection in september 2005. Both studies have an extensive five-year longitudinal design, use multi-actor questionnaire data, have full-recursive designs and study aspects of relationships that are known to change and vary across adolescence (conflict, closeness, reciprocity, power/dominance).



The Ph.D. candidate will be responsible for conducting a literature review of the existing research in this area and together with the research team further refine the design of the planned research. The candidate will contribute to the collection of data on 600 families with at least two children and two (or one) parents. In addition the candidate will be expected to disseminate the knowledge gained from this project through publishing four research articles in international research journals, the dissertation and presenting results at international and national conferences. The candidate will also follow advanced graduate training courses as deemed necessary including advanced statistics and methodology courses.



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Required education/skills: University Graduate

A master's degree or equivalent in child and adolescent studies, (developmental) psychology or a related discipline in social sciences. Excellent research and writing skills and experience using statistical methodology. A good written and oral command of the English language is also desired. We are looking for a motivated candidate who has affinity with psychosocial development of adolescents.


The candidate will be a part of the nationally recognized Institute for the Study of Education and Human Development (ISED), the national research school for developmental and educational sciences in the recognized by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The candidate will also participate in the local university research institute ISED-Utrecht in the program ‘Adolescent development’. Besides being a member of the research team the candidate will also be expected to follow advanced courses offered by the national research school ISED. The candidate will also be expected to provide teaching assistance at undergraduate level.

Job type: ENG_Onderzoek/ Advies




- Research trainees, non-tenured lecturers, researchers (Scientific discipline: Behaviour and Society)





Utrecht University Faculty of Social Sciences



De faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen in Utrecht verzorgt onderwijs aan ruim 4200 studenten. Er zijn zes opleidingen: algemene sociale wetenschappen, culturele antropologie, onderwijskunde, pedagogiek, psychologie, sociologie. De faculteit draagt verder ook bij aan drie andere opleidingen, nl. economie, cognitieve kunstmatige intelligentie, en bestuurs- en organisatiewetenschappen. De faculteit participeert in acht onderzoekscholen. Dit brede palet aan opleidingen en onderzoekcentra binnen een faculteit biedt mogelijkheden om in onderwijs en onderzoek te profiteren van elkaars kennis en expertise. Het draagt bij aan het streven van de faculteit een kwalitatief hoogwaardige bijdrage te leveren aan de oplossing van wetenschappelijke en maatschappelijke vraagstukken.

Date of entry: 01/03/2005


Conditions of employment



Estimated maximum salary per month: eur 2000 - 2500


Maximum salary amount in Euro's a month 2394

Duration of the contract: 4 years

Maximum hours per week: 36




Additional conditions of employment:

The initial appointment will be made for a 0.9 fte appointment for 1.5 years that, with satisfactory completion, will result in an extension for an additional 2.5 years. It is expected that the appointee will complete all requirements for the Ph.D. degree within this period. The expected start date: March 1, 2005. The salary is € 1813 per month in the first year and is expected to increase to € 2394 per month in the fourth year, for a full time appointment, contingent on satisfactory performance


Additional Information



Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from:



Prof. Dr. W. Meeus

E-mail address: w.meeus@fss.uu.nl


Or mrs. I. Smit-Adan for a more detailed description of the project

Telephone number: +3130 253 4650

E-mail address: i.smit-adan@fss.uu.nl

Or additional information can be obtained through one of the following links:

About the organization (http://www.uu.nl)

About the department (http://www.fss.uu.nl)

About the function (http://)

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You can apply for this job before 15-01-2005 (dd-mm-yyyy) by sending your application to:



Utrecht University the Faculty of Social Sciences

Personeel & Organisatie

W. Steinbusch

Postbus 80140

3508TC Utrecht

the Netherlands

E-mail address: P.G.M.Steinbusch-Duijkers@fss.uu.nl


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