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PhD-researcher Ice and Climate modelling

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Function title: PhD-researcher Ice and Climate modelling

Recently the Utrecht Centre for Geosciences (UCG) was initiated (http://www.ucgeo.nl). Within this centre one of the research themes is Climate variability and Geodynamics, being a cooperation between (IMAU and the Faculty of Geosciences). Within this theme there is PhD position, which fits in the ice and climate group of IMAU and the paleo-ecology group of the Faculty of Biology. Purpose of the project is to increase our understanding of the role of ice sheets in the climate system. Global circulation models do usually not include explicitly ice sheet evolution and its feedbacks on the climate system. In this project we aim to build in an ice sheet model in the NCAR-CCSM to study the mechanism underlying the Greenhouse-Icehouse transition at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary. Results will be validated against available paleoclimatological and paleooceanographical evidence.



It is expected that you work on the development of a fully coupled general circulation model including ice sheets. As a starting point you will use the NCAR-CCSM, which has no ice sheets included. The coupled model will be used to study time slices with emphasize on the transition from Eocene to Oligocene.


It is expected that you actively contribute to other on-going research projects within the ice and climate group, and activities within the framework of the UCG, particular in the field of climate variability and geodynamics.


You will assist with the education programme within the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.





Required education/skills: University Graduate

Candidates should hold a degree in (geo) physics. Experience with numerical modelling and some teaching experience are of advantage. Candidates should be willing to stay several months abroad for their research project.

The Faculty strongly encourages women to apply.

Job type: ENG_Onderzoek/ Advies




- Research trainees, non-tenured lecturers, researchers (Scientific discipline: Natural Sciences)





Faculty of Physics and Astronomy and Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht

The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of Utrecht University provides a wide range of education and research in three disciplines: physics, astronomy and meteorology and physical oceanography. A specialized institute coordinates the undergraduate teaching, while the research is centered in 13 research programmes.



The candidate will work at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU). This interfaculty research institute focuses on the fundamental aspects of climate dynamics. Research is organized in five main themes: ice and climate, ocean circulation and climate, atmospheric physics and chemistry, atmospheric dynamics and boundary layer meteorology and physical geography and oceanography of the coastal zone. The IMAU includes some 15 faculty members, 15 postdocs and 25 PhD students. The graduate programme is organized in the Buys Ballot research school.


Conditions of employment



Estimated maximum salary per month: eur 2000 - 2500


Maximum salary amount in Euro's a month 2394

Duration of the contract: 4 years

Maximum hours per week: 40




Additional conditions of employment:

We offer a full-time position. Your gross salary starts with € 1,813 per month in the first year and increases to € 2,394 in the fourth year of employment. The salary is supplemented with a holiday bonus of 8% and a end-of-year bonus of 2% per year.


In addition we offer: a pension scheme, a health insurance allowance; partially paid parental leave, facilities for child care, flexible employment conditions in which you may trade salary for vacation days or vice versa.


Additional Information



Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from:



Dr. R.S.W. van de Wal

E-mail address: wal@phys.uu.nl


Or Dr. H. Brinkhuis

E-mail address: h.brinkhuis@bio.uu.nl

Or additional information can be obtained through one of the following links:

About the organization (http://www.ucgeo.nl)

About the department (http://www.phys.uu.nl/~wwwimau)

About the function (http://)

info about Paleoecology (http://www.bio.uu.nl/~paleo/)





You can apply for this job before 23-12-2004 (dd-mm-yyyy) by sending your application to:



Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

the Personnel Department


P.O. Box 80000

3508 TA Utrecht

the Netherlands

E-mail address: peno@phys.uu.nl


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