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Anyone interested in game programming?!!

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wat is diffrence b/w C++ programming and go through function of C++..

or there is typing mistake instead of C u write C++

Nothing more except work and method. biggrin.gif If you have a doubt then learn more from here; http://www.e-learningcenter.com/c_programming.htm


Nice to know about game programming,


I am much intrested in this but I will love to work for Flash Games rather games in c++. Though I am new, and I wanna learn more of it.




Hmm! That's fine. Can you visit this link, you can find very good support for c ++; http://www.secureplay.com/

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Is it really necessary to have a degree in computer field to get job in the game developing field??? While going through the game programming book, I saw that all the persons who help to write that books are actually bachelor,master or Phd in computer and mathematics field. I wonder if any person who is not from this field is getting good job or not .


I think it is nice to have a degree in CS. or mathematics. So that you can utilize your understanding of different mathematical concepts such as Matrices, Parabole, Hyperbole etc into game development. Since game development is so much based on Mathematics and physics, because u have to keep track of things like coordinates, acceleration, angular velocity, centripetal force etc etc.

Similarly having advanced degree in CS certainly helps, because game development is not just about coding, it is more than that. Performance is very important, that requires good knowledge of algorithm, object oriented programming, distributed programming etc.

For example if u write a game that works but it takes 2 minutes to render in your screen ever time you launch an action, who is going to sit there and play that game?

Similarly lets say u wrote a network game, ie you r playing this game with another dude who lives in UK. when u fire a bullet, if it is too slow,,,due to network lag, he moves faster than u and dudge the bullet, then u r gonna lose the game every single time u play.


anyways,,having said that, it is not always true that you need an advanced degree, it totally depends on a person. Think about all these hackers,,,they are so young, have not finished their high school, are already mean and lean hackers smile.gif

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