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Chautari Board Announcement

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There are few changes in WNSO structure.


WNSO UK is preparing to bring its first executive committee followed by WNSO Nepal while WNSO Sri Lanka and WNSO India already have elected executive committee and we expect many other countries will follow therefore we have made some changes on duty and responsibilities of some of our group for better management. We are also preparing to set up WNSO International Committee and we hope this new changes will help us to move forward as quickly as possible. Following changes were made;


1. Previously known as GM was renamed to Chautari Board. Board members moderating responsibility is removed and their duty will be to select Moderator and Super Moderator to maintain Chautari, select Promotion Members for promotion of WNSO. Make Policy, guidelines etc. Please bear in mind, Board members are no longer moderating Chautari, however, they are expected to involve in Chautari as members. This board will do any major changes and announcement and there will be new member’s entry in this Board to release senior board members from their position for long term stability.


2. Chautari is fully moderate by Super/Moderators. Super/Moderators are reporting to Board via Admin. And Board will implement any changes in Chautari via Admin. While Super/Moderators are keeping their close eye on post and query and will reply to any query, Admin will watch Super/Moderator’s activity to make sure nothing unusual happening from our side and all members are being welcomed/treated equally.


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