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WNSO Cyprus - Feedback Needed !

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Dear Ritesh, as i researched, i found an official immigration page for students i cyprus:: please follow the lnk::




Dipeshmnmm, that's a decent research but I am afraid it's old. Apart from University of Cyprus, the education government has passed three other institutions to operate as university. They are: European University Cyprus ( before Cyprus College), University of Nicosia (before Intercollege) and Frederick University (before Frederick Institute of Technology). International students are now allowed to work on terms of 20 hrs/week during classes and 38 hrs/week during holidays. As I said in my earlier post, these students are limited to work in a certain areas only.



Ritesh bro, I understand your situation. It's very difficult to step back after moving ahead so far. I won't say Cyprus is worst. But it's not a place for your long term stay. Affording study and living expenses from work depends upon the type of jobsyou will get here. However, EUC often allows its students to pay in installment. But, college administration shows disregard to student's academic achievements and behaves cheaply when it comes about pressurizing for money. You are welcomed bro. As many international students survive, I am sure you will get your own way to survive here as well. And after you complete your study, I don't think getting visa to another country will be difficult as about 90% graduates have successfully secured visa for USA and Australia.

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Dear love united, then that page should be outdated (not updated) ...

Hope that WNSO-Cyprus will soon come into welfare activities.

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