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Germany is MOST CONSERVATIVE country. That means you can be LOUD & LAUGH as in Nepal. They get offended as they have one of the worst looking faces like losers. THEY NEVER SEEM TO SMILE always seems to stressed out or standing there for some oil painting. If you live in Germany for long then you too might feel this gloomy ambience.



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Providing Food, Care and More:


Students would go hungry without them: the Student Services associations are responsible for running the dining halls and cafeterias. But there's more to their work than just providing food. The Student Services look after the needs of the students – social, economic and cultural. They also run the residence halls and child care centers at the colleges. Furthermore, they fulfill important advisory functions: ranging from social advice to support for handicapped students. Every student pays a fee each semester to the Student Services.


There are some Student Services which offer special service packages for foreign students. These include a room in a dormitory, tutoring, cultural advice and, if you want, lunch at the student cafeteria (Mensa), athletics and language courses. These packages cost between 150 and 320 euro a month.


Likewise the Student Union (AStA) makes life easier for the students. In Bavaria, this body representing the interests of all students is known as the "Studentische Sprecherrat". A foreign students' department is also generally attached to the AStA. This department deals with the needs of foreign students, organizes cultural and political events and is also on hand for advice in legal matters.


Committed students of a study group come together in student bodies to represent their fellow students' interests. During the introductory week, students from earlier semesters take freshers through the city and university, cinemas, libraries, bars and the cafeteria if desired – a good early opportunity of meeting other students. Such events are almost always held in the week before the semester begins. The dates are announced on the notice board, the info board of the specialist institute. In addition, for those who do not mind working up a sweat: many new people can be met during college sport

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