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How to make a program compitable for 98 or xp?

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Hallo! Guten Tag!


Nowadays I am learning German Language at Bishwo Bhasha Campus. In enthusiasm, I downloaded a language learning software called "FLEECE" from http://www.usna.edu/LangStudy/fleece/setup.exe But unfortunetly it was only compitable for windows 3.1 or earlier.


I really do not wanna change my operating system just for a language program. Therefore, I would like you guys to help me on this regard. Is it possible to make this program run in windows 98 or windows xp? (I have duel boot 98 and xp).


If not, can I have windows 3.11 and windows 98 at the same computer? please give me some suggestion.


Denju Badal

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Hmm..of course you can have, You need to know the filesystem. It depends on what filesystem you are having. In windows there are 4 filesystem







windows 3.1 ( I even forgot LOL, i assume this support only FAT16

windows 98 support only FAT 32

XP support both FAT 32 and NTFS


To have windows your 98 and windows XP in the same PC , format your hard disk with FAT32, Now you can have both OS at the same computer


1. Partition your hard disk

2. Install win98 in one partition

3. Install winXP in other partition... (you can install 98 and after finshing boot your computer with XP CD XP will ask you which partition you want to install?) so install in other partition then 98 tongue.gif... Probably you know this better.

4. That's it Now after finishing XP installation take your Cd out and boot the computer. You will get a choice which OS to use, youcan use arow key and enter..Now all done.


Windows XP does everything what your windows 98 do. So why do you want win98 ? Is that only for that language?? You can also send email to that company and ask them for direction how to run that software on XP.......I assure they will help you.


Good luck with german...( BTW what is see you on german tongue.gif )





or simplified



1. boot off of a Win98 bootdisk and make a primary partition using fdisk(make the partition active too)

2. Reboot and boot off of the same boot floppy

3. then format it (fat32) using format c:

4. Install Win98 in this partition

5. Install WinXP and use it's built in partition creator to either create a partition or use the remaining space for XP.




Hope that helps biggrin.gif



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