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Installing Java in Win XP SP2

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Hi Friends,



I have my computer running windows xp sp2 (i guess latest xp) operating system. I downloaded and installed the latest Java software :


Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) from sun microsystems


A few questions I have:


1. Was it necessary that I must have installed Java 2 Software Developer's Kit (J2SDK) before I installed J2EE ?


If yes, then should I un-install J2EE first, install the J2SDK and re-install J2EE or I can just download and install J2SDK now as J2EE is already running.



2. Do you recommend (please let me know why) installing J2SDK even I already have J2EE ?


3. By default the Java Compiler has been installed somewhere at c:\sun\...\j2...


Can you please suggest how to update path variable for Java extensions (e.g. javac) under the windows xp sp2 operating system ?



Lastly, I ask for your kind suggestion. It has been quiet while I have had visited WNSO forums (i'm sure to be regular by now). Please let me know if you guys have talked something about Java earlier... I'll appreciate to have links.




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Why don't you try Tomcat? It's the reference JSP 1.2 and servlet 2.3 container from the Apache software foundation. Download at http://jakarta.apache.org. There are binaries for Windows installations. I assume you are familiar with that.


XP SP2 FLAW:Blocking of accidental downloads and installations. Internet Explorer will help protect users from accidentally downloading and installing programs from potentially malicious Web sites by automatically blocking download requests. Users who decide to install a program can click on the download link that will automatically appear below the browser toolbar.


But you also need to spend little time there for research.



As you are also not familiar, I will suggest you to go step by step guide. [ Have you ever set path varialble before? ] If you are confused delete that directory you just made and start fresh here although it says


C:> \j2sdk1.4.1\bin\javac MyClass.java


While you do not need to set your system's PATH variable to run Java, other software you will install later expects that your PATH variable will already have been set. [ do not confuse seing j2sk 'n' j2ee installation process are fairly same ]


http://www.apl.jhu.edu/~hall/java/beginner/settingup.html This will lead you to the correcct path as you are a newbie.

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when u download J2EE, u should be able to download SDK,,and install the SDK. You must have SDK tools if u r doing any development work.

Does not matter where ur java compiler ( javac.exe ) is...add javac.exe to environment variables.


you can set a variable called 'CLASS_PATH' that will tell java.exe where to find classes that are part of this application. It can include a directory (just class files) or an explicit jar file (c:\temp\test.jar)

here's also a JAVA_HOME variable that helps the runtime environment find it's core stuff

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Hello Friends,


Replies are really helpful. I did update the PATH variable and now it works. I understand that I can download J2SDK as well. A short question remaining is -


Is it okay I install J2SDK now (my computer already has J2EE), or it is sensible to un-install the J2EE first, install the J2SDK and re-install J2EE ?


Is it going to make conflict either any one should be installed prior to another... or we can just do it anyway.


Thanks for your time...





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It will depend how you will set up yout 'path variable' by the way why do you want to use both of them when the goal is to do the one ? Do you know what you actually want to program? Go on trying one and when you will get into it...go for the other..... don't put your finger everywhere.

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