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Question about WNSO Donation

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Distant memory.


I didn't mean to judge you and I do not have right for that. I didn't realise that I was giving you reply as it was obviously seemed you were giving me.Let's not go personal.


But you also may like to use your mind at right place on the right thread I didn't want the knickers thing to come here.


Back to the main topic I want admin or someone to come with an idea that will give a right direction to my query.

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hey all,,lets not argue ok..life is short, so live and  let live ( happily). tongue.gif  biggrin.gif



I agree......It's not bad idea to give a brain to exercise smile.gif but life is even easier when (if) you get a respect and walk in the right way.


Give a donation and everthing will b settled even easily smile.gif

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I didn't mean to judge you and I do not have right for that.


Can i be the Judge and come up with verdict...Who wants to be the plaintiff or defendent? hehe smile.gif i guess u guys can either mediate or hire personal attorney and continue the case smile.gifsmile.gif


------------The Court Room of LinuxUser---------------------------

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Finally, Here i am back from my long vaccation and would like to throw a warm greetings to all of the wnso members (on my return), think that you guys were enjoying a lot .

When i first logged in to wnso after a long time intervel suddenly i saw the topic on top of all and while going through the subject it really concentrated my mind. So , well.., Here I am .

First of all, Thanks Rose! for rising the topic cause every members of wnso has right to know about whats going on with its resources. Beside that what i would like to say is that they must keep deep interest on it and they should know whats going on it, because the great resource of of wnso is each and every single member of it.


As the concern is, where the money for donation goes to?


This organisation is eastablished by a great effort of our seniors i think i don't need to mention their name as every one knows . And so far most of the members of wnso, i think should be knowing how much it cost to run and host the site with unlimited space. For few years and till now it has been financed by few members, its just been few month or nearly a year that we have been getting little

donations. And what i think is , if the rate of donors goes on increasing accordingly, then i am sure that those seniors would not be investing any more alone, cause we will be having our sufficient funds.

When we will be able to collect enough bucks as donations which is enough to run this organisation on its own, we as well are concerned to establish wnso charity which will be active on our dearest country Nepal,

your suggestions will be most welcomed, and all the members would be receiving information about wnso further action and reactions and its financial income and outcome in its further newsletter.



Cheer up


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