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Nepalese ever to actually qualify* for an Olympic

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Dear fellow Nepalese,




You must be aware that Sangina Vaidya has managed to become the first Nepalese ever to actually qualify* for an Olympic event. She is also the first South Asian to qualify for taekwondo event in Olympics.




At the time when we Nepalese do not have much to cheer about, it is indeed a moment of pride and hope for us all. Let us all cheer for her success in the forthcoming Olympic games being held in Athens (13 August 2004) by sending her encouraging message in the following address:








Sangina Greetings


P.O. Box 660


Kathmandu, Nepal.






Please circulate this mail to other Nepalese living all over the world so that we can attain maximum participation.




Campaign Supported by:


ICTC Pvt. Ltd.




* The Nepalese who participated in Olympic games so far have been selected on wildcard selection quota provided to all the member nations.




Campaign Coordinated by:


Maxpro (maxpro@info.com.np)






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A splendid news, indeed. Nepal has a pretentious display in this game since long time back. My strongly felt congratulation to Sangina and wishing for the Medal.



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thats really a great news for the fellow nepalese...

i hope she makes further record apart form being qualified....

Good luck to her....


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