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how to develop a forum

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i want to develop my university forum by using free software of www.completeforum.com.

but i could not move ahead than testing forum

i want to keep literature,poem,story,music,reasearch forum,etc,now how can i make these things?

anybody knows,below you can see what i got[

http://www.completeforum.com/index.php?mfo...m=students&&c=1]My Webpage[/url]

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thanx for ur answer

but ur answer did not work well,i saw the given link ,but there is only the explanation of buttons and their work,but how to create different forum was my problem,

in simple word iwant to create poems,music,movies and general talking-all together 4 section now

can u tell me how to move ahead now i have only test section

if you know help me

what was done in my forum can be checked from my first question where is link of my developing forum.

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Documentation URL provided by Rajunpl has all the instruction you need. You need to click Forum Control from left to know how to create new category or forum.


If you want me to help you to create those forum, let me know.

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may want to read about stuffs what you are doing and should have asked there is No way that you can get along with it without re-reading the documentation. specially if you are administrating.I am not as good in forum creation so you may ask Bharat Dai (who knows almost every aspect about it)


http://www.invisionpower.com/documentation...hp?page=34&p=19 You should have already read this,twice if not once.

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sabai barbad bho bharat dai.

maile forum pani banaye ramro bhayo tara mathi top ma chahi invision power board lekheko thiyo.

tyaslai change garera mero university ko nam NALSAR University of Law rakhne bhanera idea borrow gare www.nepalese.tk bat.tyha ko administration ustav ji le html edit garnu parchha tara dherai garo chha ,nagareko ramro bhannu bho,

tara maile aafai janne bhayera edit garda barbadai bho.

bharat dai tapai ko aasa ma site jimma lagako chhu.

maile tapai lai personal message pathako chuu.tapai le standard forum site create gari dinu hunchha hola bhanne aasa chha.

My Webpage hernu ta runu na hasnu ko bhai rachha.

mero id ra password personal message ko rupma patha ko chhu.

ramro,wnso jati nai secure banayera malai upkargaridinu bhaye bharat dai ma tapai lai dherai dherai thank u bhnchhu.

sabai le bigreko mero site heri dinu hola.

maile main ly html,css,macro ho ki k jati ho change garda website ko sabai kurai bigriyo.

pm napaye daju mero yahoo id ma mail garnu la


ma tapai lai ad id ra password dinchhu.pachhi change garchuu.

plz,reply and console me .


a lot

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rajan pl ji

thanx for suggestion.

but i know html,dhtml,frotpage.here my comp.has linux and i think it does not have front page eqivalent software.but html alone i think does not help much to change forum tags.k garne bigri halyo.if anybody wants to know more about html,html website is very good one.rajan ji keep on touch


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Which linux are you using?


If you are using any of mandrake,redhat or suse. You will get open office with them you can try that or....


You can setup LAMP (linux,apache,my sql and php) this may sound too complicated for you http://www.linuxhelp.net/guides/lamp/ which is the most powerful web solution.


For simplicity you can download wed designing tool from










Any of them will do, As you said you already have knowledge on editing html it on't take longwith them. Keep your spirit high. You will do it





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