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rejunpal enter here..

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if u know little abt virus writer or coder,u must know 60% of them r pakistani origin.how many of them r in prision???it's absolutely wrong that hacker/cracker can b caught/there is only chance of 0.001%.

the virus coder who r caught coz they wanna popularity or may b of their of fault..in asian countris it's more than impossible..

i'll tell u real interesting story.

around 1992 when we peple don't know wat actually hackin or security istwo indian defence techno try to hack or encrypt the information of "pentagon" through their lab in drdo.i hope u know abt "pentagon",rajunpal bro.

actually at that time one has to clear seven steps to get security information.when they reach the 4th step they got information frm other side"shut down ur pc otherwise it'll blown off".but they do their work continue, after 2,3 seconds their pc has be blown off.

the two people r one frm silical velly of india n other is frm nepal who is among one of my 5 family members.till date they r roaming freely n get promoted so may times also.if the organisation like pentagon can't caught the cyber heros..how can others..this is actually a secret news for indian defence but im tellin u coz u force me to quote this here..

ur just wastin ur time postin ur views in cyber security.

if u think international cyber laws really works in our country then tell me one thing!!"it's crime to watch prone scenes in website the people who is below 18 years(i don't know exact).we all know almost(99.99%) every people who surf net is familier with how many of them r caught ...where r the cyber security personals..

i think u had no answer..but still u can try............

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one frm silical velly of india n

i did not know India has Silicon Valley smile.gif

Btw, FYI, It is not Pentagon who is mostly involved in Cyber Security. It is NSA ( National Security Agency). But i am sure both organizations work hand in hand. Atleast they should.


And u r right, writing a mean-0-virus is not a trivial task. I think one should be expert both at Programming ( low level languages such as C/C++ techology such as DLL,ActiveX, COM, COM+ to name a few ) and Network( TCP/IP, Ports so on ).


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ya me too i know those kind of cases but not with me or my family but ya that happens and cyber rules only work in those so called developoed countries i think........not in nepal


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QUOTE (rs_1915 @ Jun 24 2004, 01:12 PM)

one frm silical velly of india n

i did not know India has Silicon Valley smile.gif

That's a Silical Valley not Silicon Valley. Silical Valley is a part of Bangalore, India.

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Hmmm...Dude You need to learn the lesson first. You have to learn try and of course practise first and say what you are saying but you are doing opposite of that .


I'm not one that teaches quantum physics here,neither hacking techniques but I did read the other posts. And to my recollection there was plenty of information passed on to you about some security stuffs. If you reverse the process provided..... Don't be shy about using the search engine on google or WNSO main page.


If you don't know what we are talking about, then do yourself a favor and learn your OS/networking/security inside and out, front to back. There are gbs of manuals, threads, etc., written on security and just about every aspect of it. Unless you are like me who spents days to read manuals and about every aspect of what I am doing.


I am annoyed by the way you brand me CYBER ARMY. If you are not sure about what you are saying and doing take some time to think. First realise about what aspect you are talking about. Let's make a deal. Go through these site and take it as a granted from rajunpl


http://securityfocus.com is awesome

http://wbglinks.net has links to heaps of great sites and is a good site itself





If there is not enough info visit these sites










































/EDIT: I have yet to say the security and policy that each country holds.

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As rs_1915 pentagon is not responsibe for the security but some MIT (massachute instute of technology) students have the right place to learn about the security. Microsoft,google and Yahoo alone are the main target who has been targetted about every second of hour. You will be surprise to learen that they are a gang of 16 years old kid. Attacking pentagon is fun to them . They have been succeeded to crash some pentagon machine. No one cought them, they surrender and gave the statement to pentagon that all was for the learning purpose. Go and visit some IRC's if you want to play naughty game.


In asian country hacking is still a mar's thing. You cannot be called hacker when you are just about to see about every aspect on your friends or family machine.


about viruses All virus are not created equal. There are varieties of virus. When I said You can find the virus code online that doesn't mean that you will get the code of viruses such as MYDOOM and SASSER. You will be provied with normal virus code. It can be use to poison few machine or many machine. When it come to the internet. Poorly written VIRUS can be disinfect via popular anti-virus such as norton or AVG (http://www.avg.com)


I am surprised that you brand me cyber army.You may have to learn more in your Punjab University. Spend some days to think and ask me what you want to know . If I am available to help you or that I know of. I am still learning.


As far as catching hackers. Nobody will have time to catch the hackers who hack the friend machine or some stranger. Provided that it's not corporate machine (servers).


1. Unless and if the complain is not taken to ISP

2. Unleass the Network Admin has more to learn and If he knows his stuff.

3. Most importantly if you are bright, not blinder.


Everything depends on how much does the loss of data costs.


/EDIT: I hope you have understood the info i have provided.

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Okay Let's get back to the original topic again...to rs_1915,I agree that C create threatning virus here are some from the visual basic,




Discovered on: February 12, 2002


This is a simple Visual Basic worm that copies itself to the \Windows\System folder and to any disk that is in the A drive.





Discovered on: February 11, 2002


Backdoor.EggHead is a backdoor Trojan horse program that uses a freeware IRC bot as its core component.

This backdoor works only under Windows NT/2000/XP.

Once activated, this backdoor gives a third party unrestricted access to the client's computer.




Discovered on: February 11, 2002

Hacktool.DoS is a hacktool that performs a Denial of Service (DoS) attack against a third-party server.

Even though this tool does not cause any damage to the computer on which it is deployed, it is considered a threat by network administrators.


http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/ve...cktool.dos.htmlwhat do you know...no new Outlook exploits yet this week...




For sawmer... I did not understood what you were saying exactly.May be not in Nepal if the server is locateed at rolpa under the full maoist control.

Edited by rajunpl

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QUOTE (JB_RanaBina @ Jun 24 2004, 01:18 PM)
That's a Silical Valley not Silicon Valley. Silical Valley is a part of Bangalore, India.

Yes, u r right. Silical valley is in Bangalore and it is cyber town of India.

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Do I have to say this is news to me?nO,Silical valley? I do not need to know but What I know is many Indian guy likes to hack.GOD BLESS THEM


When I use the word "HACK", I'm not necessarily talking about "arrest". In my case, "capturing" a hacker means identifying them for use in our coverage of any given hack (something that I think we have a good track record of being able to do).


With hackers wanting their "alter-ego" to become famous, they try to protect their "true identity" at all cost. They come up with creative ways to hide themselves (which often means finding ways to exploit flaws in current systems and protocols). So, the hacker profiler must always be on the look out for new ways of establishing a true identity.NOT SAYING MY FAMILY MEMBER IS HACKER , WHO GIVES A ****?


While law enforcement will often resort to extravagant methods of digital and line tapping, which can be very time consuming and expensive (and at times, require the cooperation of many different organizations, and individuals, as well as an act of congress or if you live in India you name it,I do not know neither I need to), the hacker profiler would require little more than a good understanding of the behavior of the people that they're looking into.I hope you guess it.


Thanks for the nice info SMThapa, I am glad that many knowers about India can be found here. I am pleased.


Welcome to wnso.

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