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Best Of the Best?

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Hi friends,


Since a long time,we have been talking about the cricket in sport's section.Most of the threads were written about cricket,and I don't get surprised if there are majortiy of cricket lovers in WNSO.Each member might have their support to the different teams.They might have their personal best player whom they want to see in action.Let's discuss here some of our favourites in cricket.Like,the best batsman,the best bowler,the best wicketkeeper,the best fielder and the best team.Do highlight why u think those persons are the best.


Let me start this thread with my personal best in cricket.


1.Best Batsman


I gave the award for the best batsman to little master of India,Sachin Tendulkar.No doubt he is very good batsman.I am impressed by his batting style,his temparament.It's always a great feeling to see him in full flow.The thing which is missing in him is the killer instinct.He often misses during the crucial matches.


2.Best Bowlers


I think Muralitharan is the greatest bowler in the spin department.He is said to spin the ball even in the dead pitch which is a hard job for most of the ordinary bowlers.In the pace department,I am impressed by Shane Bond of Newzealand who has a nice record against the powerful team Australia.


3.Best wicketkeeper

The award goes to ,undoubtedly,Adam Gilchrist.He is the man of his own.The most attractive left handed batsman in the world.He is the greatest wicketkeeper to me and his batting adds up in decision.


4.Best Fielder

Yesterday was the day for Jonty Rhodes.No doubt,he is the greater fielder upto now.Now,he is off.In the present condition,I give my choice to Dion Ebrahim of Zimbabwe.See him flying near the point sometimes.


5.Best Team

India,many people maynot accept my choice,becoz' it is no where in comparison of team like Australia and Pakistan.But as my best batsman is in the team,and I am also also impressed by Virendra sahwag,Rahul Dravid,Ajit Agarkar and Zaheer Khan.So,I prefer India.


What u people think about it ?

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Thanks love_united for bring cricket again. Yes, it seems that we missed cricket here in WNSO. Let me get to the point.


1. Batsman

No Doubt. Sachin, the little master. I think it's not necessary to verify the reason.


2. Bowler

Yesterday, it was Wasim Akram. Man, I'd never seen such bowler in Cricket World. Arkam's outswing, inswing and my best "his yorker", if you miss this, either it smash your leg or stump. As he is retired, now My vote goes to Brett Lee. And in spin, obviously, Muralitharan Shane Warne.


3. Wicketkeeper

Moin Khan. He is very energetic as a keeper and as a captain too. Sangakara is also my favourite one.


4. Fielder

Yeah as love_united mentioned, it was Jonty Rhodes yesterday. He was a hero. Now, I think I'll choose Rahul Dravid. I could never forget that catch he took of Saheed Anwar when he was in the way to make his double century in one-day. Dravid catch him in 194 just near the rope. If the catch would be missed, surely it was gonna hit the boundry for 6.


5. Best Team

Pakistan. Eventhough Australia is dominating all, but I think no one can say what will happen next in cricket. It was Aussies luck to reach the final of 1999 ENGLAND and to hold the trophy. But we cannot even deny the spirit of Aussies, that they had shown in SA. Even they were playing absence of Sharne Warne, they fought and win the battle. I appreciate their team work.


But I think due to the political situation pakistan is lacking many things. I hope they will show who they are in near future, for they've got the world class players in their team. Good Luck for them.


And in case of U-19 TEAM , My favorite is ..undoubtedly...MY OWN NEPAL.


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1. Batsman


**** Saeed Anwar


2. Bowler

***** Wasim Akram


3. Wicketkeeper

**** Gilchrist, he has nice batting record, and good behind stump too for Warne, Bret Lee, Macgraw


4. Fielder

**** Jonty Rhodes

5. Best Team

*** S.Africa


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MAYA_MILAN, good one. I am one of the heaters/fans sabai of Cricket. Aaajkal refreshing maatra ho internet maa... herna pani paindaina.

Pasa broda ke ho yaar... same choice feri yeta..... bhayena ni broda...


Okay, let's go in this way:


1. Bowler:

a) Spinner

b ) Fast

c) Best bowler in crucial moment (match winner)


2. Batsmen :

a) Righty and Lefty ???

b ) Best opening batsman = (couple)???

c) Best all rounder????

d) Best Batsman between the wickets??

e) Best batsman in crucial moment (match winner)


3. Best KICH-KICHE player??

4. Best fielder at SLIP??


5. Best UMPIRE??

6. Best Commentator??

7. Best Middle order batsman??

8. Most HANDSY player??????


(all for ODI only)


my answers for the above:

1. a) saqlain b ) Akram c) Akram


2. a) sachin & Saeed Anwar/Lara b ) saeed anwar/ amir sohail c) Hooper/Abdul Razzaq

d) Miandad e) Miandad


3. Miandad

4. Ajharuddin

5. Buckner (west indies.... not sure name .. ) and David Shepherd (England ko... not sure hai yo name pani) [cricket TV maa na-hereko 3 barsha vayo.. i can't recall all the name now..]

6. Except KAPIL DEV

7. Yousuf Youhana/ Rahul Dravid

8. The only WASIM AKRAM


(these are my choices)


Let us know how about yours???

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Cricket????Well,not fond of it too much,but have to bowl against my little broda when he is batting.He is a real cheat as he doesn't let me batting though I get him out dozen times.My little bro is mad in cricket.He made me sick ,not letting me watch my fav. seriels whenver match is on.Watching the (boring)matches with him,I get known to some of the players.Let me include my best one.


best batsman-hmmmmm , Rickey Ponting

best bowler- Yeah,Brett Lee

best Fielder- Dunno too much,I go for Ponting again.

best keeper-Adam Gilchrist

best team-Australia


Well,all my favourites are from Australia coz' that is what I only know in cricket.


See ya . biggrin.gif


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Cricket I came to know after spending 4 years in KTM, only 4 years. It took long time to understand this watching TV. Later, I used to play cricket, my post I.Sc period in Bhansar Ground Airport and we had small two team, sinamangal and GairiGoan. I was crazy about cricket till then and still I love to watc live scores and some commentary on the net.


The team I used to like most is Pakistan when Wasim was its Captain. But, now I don't have any so favorite team, actually. If there is match between India and Pakistan, I always support Pakistan. Don't know why?



best batsman - Saeed Anwar


best bowler - Wasim Akram


best Fielder- Afridi


best keeper - Moin Khan


Best allrounder - abdul Razzaq and YuvRaj Singh(I haven't seen him playing and heard about his some big knocks)


best team - X


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I appreciate you all for taking part in this thread actively.Well,there are more cricket lovers in WNSO,I would like to invite them in this thread to put down their favourites.In this way,we can make the sports section as active as it was yesterday.Come on friends,let us know about ur favourites.


Okinawa bro,u have broadened the criteria of choices.Let me write some of my missing favourites here.


1.c)Best bowler in crucial moment-Abdur Razzaq

2.b)Best opening pairs (batting)-Mathew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist

Sachin Tendulkar and Virendra Sehwag


2.c)Best allrounder-Jaque Kallis

2.d)Best batsman between the wicket-Sachin

2.d)Best batsman in crucial moment-Michael Bevan

3.Best kichkiche player-Saurav Ganguly

4.Best fielder at slip-Dion Ebrahim

5.Best umpire-Steve Buckner

6.Best commentrator-Tony Greg

7.Best middle order batsman-Ramnaresh Sharwan

8.Most handsy player-?????????What is this ?

Ok,if u mean handsome ,then I go for Brett Lee.


At last,thanx for nicknaming me as "Maya-Milan".


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WOW!!! wat an unbelievable performance by PAKISTANI y'day. Those who have watched the match LIVE, I really ENVY u all hai ; )


A daunting target of 292 looked too much for the home side when they were reduced to 227-7 in the 44th over. However, Razzaq and Sami added 65 runs in 4 overs (from 45-48). Razzaq (47) and Sami (17) threw the bat brilliantly to see Pakistan home with two overs to spare. Razzaq having striking rate of more than 200% in y'day's match. There is HAVE YOUR SAY in BBC.com regarding " Does anyone think Sami could turn into a future Wasim Akram? "

wat u guys say??


Though NZL has most of the players (6) who made their ODI debts. Hope they will do better in forthcoming matches.


more on http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/cricket/3245856.stm



Maya_Milan jyu, HANDSY = HANDSOME ... LEE is one of them : ))


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Okinawa ji,thanx for ur update on Pakistan-Newzealand cricket match held yesterday.Yeah,Pakistanis are a real fighter and this is not the first time that they have won any match after the fear of losing it.There is rare team in the world who has instinct of doing this.Australia is one of them,South Africa once was same,but not now.




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