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To those who are awake there is one ordered universe, whereas in sleep each person turns away from this world to one of his own.?

How many mornings have you awakened and thought ?What in the world was that dream about?? Why did I dream jumping from a hill? What did it mean that a snake bit me or some one kidnapped my child??

But if you take time to write the dream down and interpret it, you may discover something interesting that will lead your thinking in a whole new direction.

Remember a dream you've had recently .Now ask yourself these questions.


# How do you feel in the dream? (Afraid, Strong, in love, crazy, confident.)

# How do you feel about the dream? (Relieved, embarrassed, excited, confused, surprised)

# Who was in the dream? (An old lover, a teacher, a movie star, you yourself)

# How do the different people react? (Do they run, act silly, and discover the cure for aids)

# Where did it take place? (At home, in US, on the moon)

# What is unusual? (People fly like birds do, you can talk to an animal)



Now interpret these selfgenerated picture stories. Think of them as symbols through which your conscious mind is speaking to you. If someone kidnaps your child, you might take it as a sign that you should spend some more time with your child. It might also mean that someone is stealing your idea. Or perhaps it could be that you are being too serious (your childlike side has been suppressed) and therefore you should more playful.


If you dream of death, it doesn't necessarily mean the person has died, but that what they represent to is gone.

Pregnancy could signify a new project or idea you're conceiving.


Your dream may lead you to a new building design, a new project, a new way of dealing your boss, or you may get an insight of the problem?


Remember your dreams are uniquely yours. Take advantage of them to help you resolve your conflicts, inspire solutions, and suggest new approaches.


Ok friends

What are the dreams that you have recently seen? How can you relate a recent dream to a current problem?


Satyan (It is not possible to step into the same river twice).


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