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Home Accidents

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Home Accidents

Home is a place where one feels safe and secure, but unfortunately it is also the place where one is most likely to have an accident which requires medical treatment.


Some Facts:


The biggest single cause of accidents is human error !



More people are injured in their homes than anywhere else.

The kitchen, stairs and bathrooms are all potentially very dangerous places.

Many accidents occur in the home from everyday activities such as children playing, preparing food, simply moving about the house and during household repairs.

Accidents involving children often occur in the presence of an adult.

With forethought many accidents could be prevented !


What sorts of accidents happen at home?



It includes also being hurt by falling objects and general "bumping into" type accidents.


The elderly are particularly at risk from falls of any kind.


Heat Accidents: In our country, fire accidents are common especially in the rural areas where poor people use oil stoves for cooking.


There are places where sui gas supply has not been provided and people use gas cylinders for cooking. These are potential sources of serious fire accidents and most of the time there is hardly any time available for the victim's life to be saved Foreign Body Accidents:



Objects in the eye/ear/nose.


Choking can occur if a solid or liquid blocks the respiratory passage ! Electricity Hazards


Children are especially vulnerable here as they are likely to put all manner of objects in their mouths !


House Hold Safety Precautions:


Room by room descriptions of common sense measures, can make your home a safer place - starting today !





Keep sharp knives in a safe drawer.

Keep hot oil utensils away from the reach of children after cooking.

Wipe up any spills immediately.




Never leave children unattended near a bathtub that has water in it.

Install handles along the wall of the tub or shower and beside the toilet, particularly if there are old people in the household.

Lock up medication, razors, cleaning products.




Do not place furniture that children can climb on, in front of a window.

Choose stable pieces of furniture that will not tip over. Wall-mounted lamps cannot tip over.

Never smoke in bed.

Sometimes the simplest precaution

protects you from the greatest harm !


Using And Storing Household Products:



Buy potentially poisonous substances in safety containers, and buy only as much as you need.

Store all household products safely immediately after use.

Use products that give off fumes - including ammonia, bleach, petroleum products, and paints - only in well- ventilated areas.

Make sure you have adequate ventilation around any fuel burning appliances and be sure they are working correctly. When they are operating, these appliances release poisonous carbon monoxide gas that needs to be dispersed into the air.

Store all household products out of the reach of children, preferably in a locked cabinet.

Never store household products, particularly aerosols, near a source of heat or flame such as furnace or hot water heater.

Use Medications Safely!

Medicines, both prescribed and over the counter use can be extremely dangerous if they are used incorrectly.



Never take or administer any medication that has no label or that is out of date, that has begun to crumble, or that has changed color, odor, or consistency.

Don't give prescription medication to anyone other than the person to whom it was prescribed.

Always be sure you understand what a drug is, how it works, when and how to take it, and what the potential side effects are.

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Yes, it is. We have to take care at home generally from like these instruments. Finally, everything is dangerious if that goes to careless use. Take care friends.


Thank you Arun ji. It was nice advice.

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It was very good lesson. We have to take care in the home too. Do not careless into any work if that is samall or big. Sometimes, a atom of dust also will be very dangerious. Please! take care all the time in the home.

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Hi Friend's

There are quality care homes for the elderly in Manchester and Wales that aim to provide your loved ones with all the care and comfort of a home. You will get a comfortable and caring environment in a home from home atmosphere. Log on to http://www.caringuk.com for more about these respite homes.

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Nice topic here. Injuries are a global preventable public health problem and my doctoral thesis is on Injuries prevention and Safety promotion. I can share my findings here if people are interested.

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