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Best free software for making web album

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Today, while surfing net, I found one best software to make photo album. You can make album within minute. Just put all your photo in one directory, which you want to include in album, and click on build album. Its all adone within minute. No price, no headache , and you do not have to know anything. This is best software and easy one that i have found so far.


Please visit this site to download that software.




For this software, you need java virtual machine. It must be in your computer. If you are not sure about this, then there are two options, you can download software with java virtual machine. Otherwise, download software without java virtual machine. While installing it will automatically detect your java virtual machine in your computer. Installation is also very simple. Just download it and you can make photo album within minute. There are many options and other downloads, if you want to play more with photo album to make it best. But for beginer also, its very best and easy also.


have a fun.



PS: Admin, can we create one section for software, where we can provide the information about free software. I do not think this posting is suitable for this computer problem/alert section. Anyway, for time being its okay.

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Thanks for the link Nitesh ji


I just downloaded and installed.

It is really easy to use and easy to make photo album including all the sub directories at one shot in html format.

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Nitesh jee,

The album making software is really superb with all those themes and all...


Thanks for it!

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