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Important Notice about Flaming...

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Dear all,


We live in a democracy and it is generally our policy at the Nepalese Students’ Forum system to not monitor electronic correspondence. There are times, however, that our policy seems to come in conflict with the need to continue to provide a productive environment for all our members. This is usually the case when a member decides to "flame" another member who is not only unsuspecting, but does not appreciate it.


A "flame" is described as any electronic correspondence that contains unnecessarily abusive language directed at its recipient.


We don't mind, really, if mutually agreeing parties flame each other. It has become a sort of electronic art form.


Therefore, if you are involved in a flame war and enjoy it, don't feel discouraged from that practice. However, please do not flame an unsuspecting member. If any members are flamed and do not want it to continue, I encourage them to contact me, and I will issue a warning to the sender, and the sender's mail may be monitored. A second occurrence will warrant a cancellation of the sender's account. Top of that, he/she may be publicly named and shamed.


I'm sorry if this policy seems to smack of censorship. In fact, it is censorship. But this community is not a bona fide democracy, and I will not tolerate abusive behaviour.

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