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Common All Nepalis in China

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Hello Nightmare...


Nice to read your posting.. i was there in Xingxiang.. but i didn't studied MBBS.. bad luck for that time.. but its all now not that heavy on my thoughts and heart beat.. I was there at 1998.. well... what i want to say to you.. is please dedicate first.. and make your shadow strong enough.... no wonder whether you study in china or Heidelberg of German.. U wil be one to be glamoured.. so all i support you is the moral concept.. the expertise like design to frame your future interms of Nepalie background..


Its easy to express but not that much hard to figure out even.. if you really dare to do it...


So run from today.. coz it your day that is coming tomorrow...


Zai Zian...


My short intro for you:

Bimal Kumar Shrestha

Xing Xiang Language Centre

Xian Xian, China

Was in Xing Xiang: 1998


All the best.. form yourself strong enough before you go to the battle field.. dont try to form a voice that calls as unified one.. they all get torn and tattered along with winds of changes.. better realize your dream come true for what you are...


Please leave me comments if I am bounded off to your track to what you mean:

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