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Why we eat (and eat and eat) !

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Why we eat (and eat and eat)


Given the opportunity, it seems that people just about everywhere will eat and eat, and then eat some more. Most know there is a price to pay - all those extra calories have to go somewhere - and yet they cannot resist that second piece of pumpkin pie.


Worldwide, a billion people are now overweight or obese, including 22 million children under the age of 5. Obesity and ills linked to it, including heart disease and high blood pressure, have joined the World Health Organisation's list of the Top 10 global health risks. Rates of obesity are going up in developing countries as well as industrialised ones, with the greatest increases taking place in the last 10 years.


In the US, 64.5 per cent of adults and 15 per cent of children ages 6 to 19 are overweight. Dieting is rampant, but most who lose weight gain it back. Some experts blame ever-increasing portion sizes and the proliferation of tasty, high-calorie fast foods that make it all too easy to eat a day's worth of calories in one supersize meal.


Most people know lean and less are better, but fat carries flavour, and so they pack in the rich foods anyway. Extremely obese people have begun trying to sue McDonald's for failing to warn them that too many French fries and cheeseburgers can make them fat.


This year, 60,000 Americans who are morbidly obese, meaning 100 pounds or more overweight, will have major surgery to seal off most of their stomachs and shorten their intestines to lose weight.


"When you crash a plane in the Andes and there's no food, you eat your neighbour. Here we have the action of a very important, basic human drive", said Dr Stephen R. Bloom, an obesity researcher in London.

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A good way of reducing obesity is:


Eat more green vegetables (boiled or steamed) more salads without mayonaise


Cut off meat where possible


Don't use more oil when cooking & limit the use of butter.


10 - 15 Minutes of running/jugging can burn 200 to 300 calories [best way to burn fat accumulated around tummy area]


Never go to Mc or burger king or KFC or Pizza Hut. Also avoid Take away/eating in curry restaurants (Indian Nepali, tandoori) as they use excessive double cream when cooking curry dishes & lots of oil.


Say no to ice cream, use less sugar in tea/coffee


I have tried this personally. I can visibly see my wt. reduction from 66 kg to 62 kg in 2 & half months time & still reducing. tongue.gif


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