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Dear friends,


Looking at other friends' profile made me to write my profile as well. I hope by this I can introduce myself in better way to all of WNSO members.


My full name is Santosh Raj Pandey. Currently I am working as a Chartered Accountant (CA) in Birmingham, UK. Last year, I graduated from The University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in International Banking & Finance.


Originally, I am from kathmandu, was born in Thamel. My father is also Chartered Accountant in Nepal. I have one young brother and two elder sisters who have already married. So, now it's my turn-line is clear biggrin.gif


I did my graduation (BBS) from People's Campus and schooling from Siddhartha Vanasthali (2050 BS batch).


Before coming to UK, I was involved in managing my own two companies along with my younger brother. My company Softwebs Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneer in website development area in Nepal. Currently it offers domain registration, website designing & hosting, software development, data entry, e-commerce, networking and multimedia presentation services.


My other company Nepala Inc. is an effort to make nepalese handicrafts famous all over the world.


Apart from this, I was also heavily involved in music and dance field. I used to be active member of Basanta Shrestha (Nepal's well known dance director) dance school- National Centre of Dance where I got so many opportunities to show my dance skills. I have performed in many stage shows in and outside Kathmandu and worked as a group dancer in couple of nepali movies like Chori-Bhuhari, Laxmi Puja.


As I love to play guitar, I used to be band member of group called Nishani. We had picturised one song named "Deurali Bhanjang" and released in Image channel. It mananged to be in Image channel tp 10 music CD but I still wonder how. You can listen this song at http://www.nepalisongs.net


My hobbies include playing guitar, surfing net, listening music and reading. I also like meeting new people.



So, this is me in short.


I would like to thank WNSO creators for makiing this wonderful platform where nepalese students studying outside Nepal can come close to each other and can share valuable informaiton. I am also impressed from the advices given to those who want to study abroad.


If I can be any help to anyone, please don't hesitate to contact me atsantosh136@hotmail.com


Thank you for bearing me biggrin.gif

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Yo, Santosh fro UK, Nice to know about you.

Well I am suman and I am currently in China. Since you said you are a kind of pioneer in making website popular (or sth like that) in Nepal, why you don't continue it now. I think you changed your path to commerce or say business, no?

well you are also music lover, and me too. Here I have a web site for you to see. Hope you will commetn sth.




PS. you look hansy in picture

I am also from Siddhartha Vansathali School (2049 batch, I think sorry I forgot) smile.gif

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WNSO is getting good member day by day.


Hi santosh_uk, you have really good profile, great experience and indeed solid motivation. Wish you good luck for your future carrier.


WNSO is in great need of people like you, so support WNSO with your capacity.



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santosh ji,


You are not new member of WNSO, you are the one of well know member of WNSO for a long time ago. WNSO already received your vast contribution in the old forum. Anyway, thank you very much for your profile. Good day Santosh ji, see you.

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Dear Santosh Jee,


Compliments and gratitudes from Sajan !


Sorry for belated response. Though I am the last but probably not the least. Its' really my great pleasure to express few words about you from the very core of my heart.


Indeed, "its not only the presentation of your autobiography in CHAUTARI but its' an initiation of sharing inspirations, ideas, thoughts as well as feelings among all of us. I am acutely intoxicated with your profile. You have really a charismatic personality. You are embellished with multifarious of tressures.


Its' my firm believe that, your this achievement in lifetime will be an inspiration to all of us to follow our dreams and acquire cherished goal to the very optimum level. "I believe that in CHAUTARI, there is the opportunity for everyone to express their feelings, inspirations, ideas as well as thoughts randomly.


Therefore, would you please spare a bit of your time to visit CHAUTARI regularly. Your valuable comments, suggestions and ideas will be valuable for all of us.


"Friendship is single soul dwelling in various bodies". Lets' strenghten our friendship and walk together in CHAUTARI !


Hope to see you soon !


Have a nice time !



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Santosh ji,


Nice to know about you. You are very old member of WNSO but knowing about you late. Anyway, many thanks for your profile, dila hi sahi...at least...profile post ta garnu bho. Keep on Santosh ji. See you.....!

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