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Across Continents in Nepal

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Across Continents is a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project, action 2 of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission. Across Continents is an enriching experience for the NGOs and volunteers involved. Through volunteering and international cooperation it aims to promote a culture of peace and human rights world-wide.

Across Continents in Nepal

Youth Human Rights Education Club (YHRE Club):

WNSO has been implementing the European Voluntary Services (EVS) program in Kathmandu with coordination of CEIPES. This is a group EVS project which has been managing 4 volunteering placements in Nepal. YHRE Club is one activity carried out with students at higher secondary schools. Volunteers will collaborate in design the activities focusing on different themes each time (human rights, citizenship, youth policy etc), thus helping to give continuity to a project that requires a great participation. They will deal in the implementation of debates, BLOG competitions, workshops, painting, etc.

School of disabled:

Volunteers will be involved in workshops that involves recreational, educational and cultural activities (debates, festivals, cinema etc) and in mentoring students with disabilities, guiding them in their studies.

Leisure activities in an orphanage:

Volunteers will be involved in the entertainment activities in an orphanage that hosts children studying in public schools. The main role of the volunteers will be to support the staff of the orphanage for the free time activities with the children. Volunteers will involve the children in various disciplines and practices such as sports, arts workshops, etc.

Place: Kathmandu

Host organisation: Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation - http://www.wnso.org/

Starting date: 1° May 2012 for 5 months

Working time: 6 hours a day / 5 days a week

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