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Why don't we have a facebook page of WNSO

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The admin might reject my opinion, but Facebook is the latest thing happening at the moment. Discussion forums were popular during the early 2000s but Facebook, along with other social networking sites has brought a revolution in the way people interact online. Even the popular websites have their own Facebook page, so why not WNSO??


The attraction of WNSO might have been faded, but its importance is still the same. The motto of WNSO is to unite Nepalese students worldwide and provide the new students with information and suggestions they are seeking for. WNSO will live until there are Nepalese students. But lack of promotion is causing this discussion forum out of reach to many. This is the time that WNSO retouch itself with the latest trends: facebook and twitter. By creating facebook and twitter account, WNSO can reach to gigantic database of Nepalese population. They can update interesting news and info that have been posted in the forum and provide the link to the website. I am sure the website will come back to life if done so. We can have a YouTube account if we have enough videos.


WNSO had been very helpful to me during my initial period and being a true well-wisher, I want it to be popular again. See you again WNSO.

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