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free online animated chart service

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Chartsonline is a free online animated chart service, and you can use the service to create your own animated charts including bar chart, pie chart or line chart, and then add them to your blog, forum or web to strengthen the expression of articles.

The service will be always free, and it will store your chart data permanently. In fact, the data storage is implemented by Google Company, and the service is established on Google App Engine.

It is simple to create an animated chart. This involves filling a number in the form and then setting the details to be displayed, which is similar to adding a picture to MS office. Whatever you want to display, a bar chart, a pie chart or a line chart, the filled numbers are the same, and these chart uses the same data model.

The chart you create will be saved permanently, and you can also change (your chart can be issued in many places, and when you changed the chart data, new value will be displayed in all issued charts) or delete your chart at any time. But you need a Google account by which you can manage your chart.

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