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ExamPDF IBM 000-015 Exam demo

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1. Which applications record the history of attribute changes made on the Specifications tab, without having to use e-Audit as defined in Database Configuration?


A.Asset, Configuration Item


B.Job Plan, Ticket Template


C.Item Master, Service Item, Tool, Job Plan


D.Asset, Location, Item Master, Service Item, Tool


Answer: A



2. The appropriate status to invoke a Preventive Maintenance (PM) alert has been determined to be in the Organization application. What is the Select Action menu item where this can be set?


A.PM options


B.Asset options


C.System settings


D.Work Order options


Answer: A

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3. What is the purpose of a Condition Rate?

A.to create alternate paths in Workflows

B.to assign relative values to inventory items

C.to assign values to personnel for labor purposes

D.to indicate the costs associated with inventory items

Answer: B


4. When creating a purchase contract, what is the purpose of checking the Change Price on Use field?

A.It specifies that the price in the purchase order (PO) is only an estimated price.

B.It specifies that when a PO is issued against this contract, the price must be changed.

C.It specifies that the price of a given related item can be changed on related POs or purchase requests.

D.It specifies that the price of a given item specified in the Master Contract is reduced or increased, based on market conditions.

Answer: C



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