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Hello to all the Nepalese living in the UK !


What do you use to call to Nepal ?

1) Phone cards - which brand & how much does it cost & how long talk time does it give?

2) Internet phone - which provider ?

3) IDD service - which provider & what's the rate ?


- I'm doing a little survey here so that I can come up with the cheapest call to Nepal for the convenience of all the Nepalese living in the UK.


You help would be much appreciated.


With Regards,

Ms Sarita

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1] I used to use talk home which is around £5

The time depends on wheather you calling from local number or pay phone, normally it was about 60 minute.


2] now I use skype to talk home


I love to know about cheapest phone call to nepal. let me know if you need further information.


Do post it here.

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