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Nangiyeko Nepal... aka NAKED NEPAL

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Where is Nepali Youth heading ?





Almost all online websites carter same stuff, a scantly clad model, who have no idea of modeling and fashion. She is allowed to pose however she likes as long as she reveals her assets in sly manner. CyberSansar, FotoSansar and maybe whatever sansar all are simply cashing in using those dumb bimbo’s photos.

They don’t have any clue or idea how those pictures will appear after some Photoshop affect.


Upon the promise of anonymity, a Nepali model, Sakshi (name changed) told how her life changed forever after her photographs went online in a popular website. By the change, we mean BAD. She had no idea how and when those shots were taken, but later when she saw her pictures scattered in online websites like http://www.ChiyaCoffee.com and wwwDOTFotosansarDOTcom she was shattered. Eve teasing was tolerable, but after those photos went public, she was forced to flee out of the country. Definitely, those photos were not pornographic, but the way camera captured her vital parts brought storm within her family and life.


In this modern day, information spreads faster than light. A photo uploaded from Nepal can be viewed from USA within seconds. Cell phones with camera, video recorder have become curse to anyone who is naive or careless. With introduction of 3G, Free Wifi, etc in the Valley has made shoot & upload very easy task.


Despite such danger, so called models turn in to online websites and shed off whatever they are wearing. They try to ape Merlyn, Belluci or any other famous models forgetting difference between their own lifestyle and culture compared to those famous models. For a moment of fame, they forget future complications in their life.


Everyone knows Sex sells, but does than mean you have to sell Sex to become popular?



Article Source: http://www.chiyacoffee.com

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