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WCL Division 5, 2010

Who will win the WCL Divison 5, 2010?  

  1. 1. Who is the last man standing??? (The top two teams will move to WCL division 4)

    • Nepal
    • USA
    • Fiji
    • Singapore
    • Jersey
    • Bahrain

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Hey "WNSO"ians!!!

Great to be here after a really long time!! It's me love_united back again, hoping to have a wonderful time with you all!! I wonder anyone still here from my time (I sound really old to say that!!). Guess what, it's cricket time once again!! You see, it's not fun to write about the test playing nations anymore, as lots have been written in many other sites. But noone talks about Nepal cricket, so I am here to gather you all cricket lovers to talk about cricket that is our own.


How many of you know that Nepal is hosting 2010 edition of WCL Division 5? I had written in a past how Nepal's dream of qualifying for the 2011 world cup shattered with a lost to Afghanistan in semifinal in WCL Division 5, 2008. See, where is Afghanistan now?? They have already been very matured team and now in par with teams like Netherland, Kenya and Ireland. But, Nepal's performances in the international level has degraded since then, which even affected to our junior wings, who failed to qualify for the under19 world cup in 2009. Overall, Nepal is having a forgettable moments.


Ok, that's the recap!! The good thing is that international cricket is back in Nepal. WCL Division 5 that inaugrated today in Nepal has brought back the joy and hope to Nepal Cricket. Nepal has won it's first game against Jersey by 6 wickets. Mind it, Jersey is not a weak team. This team has qualified to WCL Division 4 along with Afghanistan in last edition, and is one of the candidates to win this tournament. But, Nepal performance was of high class both in batting and bowling department. First, Nepal stopped Jersey to a small total of 174 in 50 overs. Shakti Gauchan and Sanjam Regmi were the picks of the bowlers. This shows how good our bowlers are!! The batting performance was above par led by skipper Paras Khadka, who scored 60 odds run. The pillar of Nepalese batting lineup, Sharad Vesawkar, showed his class by a strong partnership with Paras. However, our openers failed again.


Overall, today's match would boost the spirit of Nepal, however; it has to face the biggest rock, USA. USA piled a gigantic score of 350+ against Fiji today, and restricted the opponent below 100. Fiji is not a minnow in cricket, it is very good. So, we can understand how interesting this tournament will be. I hope Nepal will surpass all the difficulties to win the tournament. Leave you comments. Thanx. See you in next post.

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