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Vocational courses and Employment opportunites in Nepal

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Hi ,


I am trying to educate a young friend of mine from Nepal in India. She is a 7th school dropout. I am planning to put her for some vocational courses in india so that in another couple of years she can go back to Nepal and get a job/Start something of her own. Since I am not very knowledgeable on what employment/business opportunities are there in Nepal I thought i will put this question in the forum.


The options I have for vocational courses which i can admit her for are

a) Cosmetology (Beautician + Beauty Parlour management)

B) DTP (Desktop Publishing)

c) Fashion designing and Tailoring

d) Secretarial Training

e) Aerobics Trainer


The aim is after one of these courses she should be able to go back to Nepal and earn about 10,000 to 12,000 NPR in a month so that she can support her family there.


Please suggest a which course you think can enable her good employment opportunities in nepal ? Also if similar good courses are avialable in Nepal please do let me know the details .


Thanx in Advance,


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hi ,

u r doing a noble job by helping the friend of yours. while we have all the facilities in nepal too , i guess the cost is quite high.about which course to choose, i feel it depends on ur frens skill and interest. all the courses u have mentioned have gud scope here. all the best.smile.gif .

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Dear Nirvana Second attempt,

I think that fashion designing / tailoring is pretty impressive in Nepal.

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Hello Ganesh,

I think the very important question here to ask is, what your friend wants. Given the choices, ask her what she is interested in. And most of the time even though we think we 'are' interested in something, it is not enough to drive us in working hard and pass the exams. So, why don't you and your friend sit down and do some research and let us find out if your friend is willing to commit in a vocational studies. Personally I think that vocational courses is a gateway in finding out a future career. Since all the courses that you have mentioned, they all have that potential, but at the end of the day it is up to your friend.


So, best of luck to you and your friend and hope I made some sense.





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