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What kind of college Twinuk.com is?

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Hi friends,


How are you doing? I am seeking a help from WNSO-UK friends or those who are aware of colleges in London. I am wondering what kind of college Twinuk.com is? My sister-in-law seems to have submitted a significant amount of money to an Education Consultancy in Kathmandu to pursue her 10+2 in this college. I have a doubt whether any school in UK accepts high school students from abroad. Looking at the website, I realized that it is not an accredited college in London that can be compared with other known institutions. Have you found any Nepalese students being cheated by such consultancies, and that they are living in the middle of nowhere after getting in the UK? There are a considerable number of agencies that give false hopes to Nepalese students about study abroad and cheat them at the end. Tendency seems to be nothing but a human trafikking.

Heard that dozens of Nepalease students have applied to this .com company, including my sis-n-law. I had told her to ask me before attempting to apply to figure out whether the prospective college has a www.---.ac.uk web address, assuming that colleges with such web addresses might be registered to the Government Education Board and committed to education. She did not ask me anything about it before applying. Now, she realized that she is doing wrong, when the agency asked her to add another 60K rupees on the top of previous deposit. There is no way to correct it, but some preventive measures can still be taken if pertinent information about that institution is made available. You are the only person who can give us some information.


So, I would heartly appreciate your cooperation




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